ANBC 2022 Update Information Advice No. 2

Continuing contact with the owners of our preferred venue the Grand Chancellor located in Hindley Street Adelaide CBD indicates they remain due to complete their Covid 19 Travellers contract with SA Health at the end of December.

While the Covid 19 situation continues to improve somewhat throughout parts of Australia we have yet to bear the brunt and overall effects of the States opening borders and travel that has been experienced in other countries after these actions.

We continue to remain positive and in this vain the BCSA requires a commitment from all states and zones of their intention to present a team in May 2022. A reply by November 30th is required.

The BCSA Monthly Roadmap for actions leading up to what we would like to think will be a spectacular event in May 2022 will continue as follows –

  1. A monthly update will issue at each month’s end until February 2022 and any changes will be included in these updates.
  2. During or late in December, we hope to have details of costings from the Hotel to allow a release of a registration form in early January when event bookings can then be made on line with a BCSA contact.
  3. Accommodation details will also be available in these same timeframes. Please be mindful if you do book at other locations than the actual venue, ensure you are aware of cancellation policies with those venues.
  4. All updates will be included on our Web Site and distributed throughout the states and zones.

This update is directed more at the States and Zones as without their commitment there is little hope of the event being a NATIONAL event.

BCSA Management Committee
October 2021 update

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