About the BCSA

In the years preceeding 1995, the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) hosted the state combined team for the National titles (for the Australian National Budgerigar Council titles, held annually in May), acting as the parent body on behalf of the State for all ANBC matters.

On the 28th of May 1995 there was a meeting called in Tasmania (in line with the National titles being held at this time) to discuss the need for an independent governing body in South Australia for budgerigars. The meeting was hosted by Roy Blair (ANBC President) and Bruce Bradford (ANBC Secretary), and both the BSSA, and other SA fanciers attended. Opinions were aired, and the BSSA agreed to the formation of an independent Council.

To pave the way forward for this Council, the BSSA removed the clause in their constitution stating that they would “serve as the parent body in all matters pertaining to the budgerigar fancy in South Australia.”

As a result of the consensus to go ahead with an Independent Council, Mr. Nigel Tonkin was placed in a caretaker role by the ANBC until such a time as the Council was in operation. Nigel was given the assignment of coordinating the process of inviting all South Australian Cage Bird / Budgerigar Clubs to attend a meeting, which he was to Chair. The purpose of this meeting was to give all 12 clubs the opportunity to provide input into the rules, structure and constitution of the proposed Council.
Six weeks later, on July 8th 1995, the first meeting of the Council steering committee occurred, with 11 of the 12 SA clubs represented. It was decided that two delegates per club were allowed to attend, and on the day, 19 fanciers attended. The consensus vote saw Mr. Trevor Weckert elected as first President, and Nigel Tonkin as Secretary.

Subsequent meeting were held to develop the rules and constitution of the Council, spanning July through September of 1995. After much discussion, and many meetings, on the 18th of February 1996, a formal letter was sent from the BSSA to the ANBC stating that official hand over of all matters relating to budgerigars in the state of South Australia had occurred, and all future ANBC matters could be directed through the BCSA. A caretaker President was elected in Mr. Peter Glassenbury, and Secretary in Nigel Tonkin.

On April 12th 1996, a finalized copy of the BCSA’s constitution was produced, and handed over to the President, thus officially forming the Budgerigar Council of South Australia. In November of that year, the BCSA changed it’s formal name from the Budgerigar Council of South Australia, to “The Budgerigar Council of South Australia Incorporated”, as this was the name more commonly referred to on all correspondence.