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As many are now aware the National Championship Show for 2022 has been reviewed regarding the initial cancellation and a revised format event is proceeding by the BCSA with the activity held in a far more reduced format than is usual.

The event is now scheduled to be held at Victor Harbor, a picturesque country seaside town south of Adelaide around 60 minutes’ drive from the Adelaide Airport.

The venue will be the Victor Harbor Convention Centre part of the McCracken Country Club, McCracken Drive, Victor Harbor SA 5211 and all seven states and zones have agreed to participate and we are thankful for that overall response. Our main aim is to stage an event where all states and zones can participate however with this Covid Pandemic in full swing we have had to make drastic changes to the actual activities.

Key components to these changes are as follows –

  • There will be NO visitors or attendees to the event other those with official roles to facilitate the operational activities. This includes that same restriction for our local members.
  • The venue is not sufficient in size to expand visitor entry due to density limits and while we apologise for this strict ruling it was either full entry which would mean no event at this venue or strict controls to hold the event for the benefit of all to some degree
  • The event will be further restricted numerically to three bird handlers only from each state or zone to control their respective teams. Detailed instructions will issue to states and zones on this aspect of the event as the vagaries of distance must now be accounted for unlike the events in SA in the past. Bird handlers will be made fully aware of requirements in separate direct memos regarding transport, identification and Covid.
  • Strict Covid measures will be applied to every person attending – even those in working roles. Masks and RAT daily tests will apply during the event. These conditions are currently in play in SA at present and are also an integral part of the venues current protocols. Any carers that are not yet fully vaccinated (2+1) need to act promptly to comply with the strict conditions.  Put simply no JAB no ENTRY.  Health and safety is paramount to the National event proceeding.
  • Four Judging sessions will remain however we may vary the number of classes per session to better suit timeframes
  • The usual bird auction will take place however this will be undertaken electronically with around 20 pairs from notable breeders listed on 32 Auctions for the BCSA. It will commence at the beginning of May and concluded on the Sunday of the Championship Show. There will be much less stress on the birds with no requirement for transport other than a final trip from the Breeder to the happy purchaser. This methodology may be adopted by others in the future and frees up valuable time during the show weekend that is currently strained
  • Live Streaming will be the key element and will be free to every interested party.
  • There will be no peripheral meetings including the usual AGM with states and zones being informed of those future AGM timelines. Likely to be set around two weeks after the actual show.

We would again reiterate visitation restrictions will be in place to comply with density limitations.

Peter Glassenbury President BCSA


Interclub Competition points are awarded for positions 1-12 in each class. Exhibitors must nominate the Society to which their points are to be allocated.

Spotting of Birds is required to avoid penalty but a minimum of shadow spots is acceptable for transport to the national show.
Photographs of birds selected in the team are not to appear in social media or the internet prior to judging at the national show.


All birds must be available for selection in the state team

THE SHOW WILL BE HELD UNDER THE BCSA SHOW RULES at the Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Road, Enfield.

Any Covid issues will be those stipulated by the Port Adelaide Enfield Council at the time.
Members will be advised closer to the event of the requirements that apply under BCSA QR or PAE Councils guidelines.

Held on SUNDAY – MAY 22nd, 2022

Staging set up 7.00 am – 7.30 am by the exhibitors.
Birds to be benched between 7.30 am – 8.45 am

Exhibitors not involved in benching or stewarding must remain clear of all staging prior to judging and while judging is in progress and ensure Covid distancing applies

Judging to commence by 9.30 am

Open to Public from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm, approximately

Entries to Graham Bell by 5.00 pm Friday May 13th, 2022

Mail entries to Unit 192, 1-25 Captain Robertson Avenue, Golden Grove. SA 5125 (mail delivery can now take up to six days) or Electronic entries as email attachments to Ph 8251 0792. Novice and Intermediate breeders please enter status on the entry form.


Ring Numbers are required on entry forms to ensure accuracy of recording for status movement so please put the corresponding bird into the correct cage.
Ring Number changes to be advised on or before the morning of the show.

Entries $1 each (includes any scratched entries) capped at $20 plus postage and handling of $2.00 for return of cage stickers.
Total amount is payable when entries are presented for benching

The Safety Officer has the right to reject any entries prior to judging for signs of illness or poorly prepared cages which are deemed hazardous to the birds.

All birds to be shown in the standard ANBC show cage with powder coated cage fronts. Stickers to be placed on the bottom left hand side of the cage. Equal parts of canary seed, jap millet and white millet are the only seeds permitted. Each cage to be fitted with an approved plastic drinker 4 spaces in from the left side of the cage, level with perches of 12 or 16 mm.



Class Descriptor

Rosettes for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed birds

  1. Normal Green
  2. Normal Grey Green
  3. Normal Blue
  4. Normal Violet
  5. Normal Grey
  6. Normal Yellow Faced Blue
  7. Normal Aust Golden Faced Blue
  8. Black Eyed Self
  9. Dilute
  10. Lutino
  11. Albino
  12. Dark Eyed Clear
  13. Clearwing
  14. Greywing
  1. Cinnamonwing
  2. Spangle Double Factor
  3. Opaline
  4. Opaline AOSV
  5. Clearbody
  6. Lacewing
  7. Fallow
  8. Spangle
  9. Spangle AOSV
  10. Dominant Pied
  11. Recessive Pied
  12. Crested ASC / ASV
  13. Hens
  14. Australian White Cap


2022 Organising Group

Doug LangeShow Manager
Ruth LangeShow Secretary
Graham BellElectronics supervisor, receipt of entries and listing entry fees payable, floor plan, rosettes, SA Team details for the ANBC electronics team
Dennis LommanHall bookings, hall key, raffle prizes, ring checking supervisor
John MulleyShow schedule
To be advisedSafety Officer / Covid Marshalls
Ruth LangeCollection of entry fees when birds presented for benching
Ruth LangeSale of raffle tickets
StagingGraeme Alchin
Bird CarersTemporarily reduced to 3: Michael Smith, Michael Sloper, Doug Lange

Club liaison officers

Port PiriePeter

Club liaison officers are the contact point for the Show Manager for clubs to nominate stewards, ensure distribution of the show schedule to their club members, and in the case of metropolitan clubs to ensure assistance for setup and cleanup.

Catering – BYO due to Covid rules


The Logan Shield came into being after the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA), sent a team of birds to Melbourne to compete in their Gardner Shield.   At the first attempt in 1974 with 11 Victorian teams competing, the BSSA came 4th and in 1975 came 3rd, this time against 15 Victorian teams. These results established the competitiveness of the South Australian birds.

It was suggested in 1977 that a similar competition be held to stimulate team spirit and friendly rivalry amongst budgerigar breeders from the 6 existing clubs in South Australia, including mixed bird clubs.

The then secretary of the BSSA, Lal Logan, who had held this position for 18 years, was honoured to have his name used for the competition.  Lal purchased and donated the shield which was then named in his honour and is still used to this day. The first Logan Shield was hosted by the BSSA on the 2nd of April 1977 at St John’s Hall, Halifax Street, Adelaide with the 6 existing clubs competing.   The BSSA won with 196 points followed by Central Districts with 170, North East with140, Port Pirie with 131, Southern with 74 and Western with 60 points.  

Unfortunately, at the time Lal was in hospital so he was unable to present his shield. In July of the same year he passed away and sadly never saw the shield competition take place.

The Logan Shield is a yearly reminder of Lal and his wife Thelma, both having so graciously donated their time and effort to the BSSA and to the budgerigar fancy since its foundation in South Australia in 1948.

In 1964, a meeting between a group of New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian budgerigar fanciers resolved that a National Teams Competition should occur. More serious discussions occurred in 1972 between these three states thus the first competition would commence in Victoria in 1975. The National Show has continued annually ever since and expanded to include seven states / zones which effectively brings together the best breeders and the best young exhibition budgerigars in Australia. 

The Logan Shield is now our State’s selection show for the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC) Championship Show and is hosted annually by the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA).

The Logan Shield remains as a reminder of a great budgie man.



Australian National Budgerigar Council

The Budgerigar Council of South Australia would like to announce that the National Show will be held at the Victor Harbour Conference Centre on 28th & 29th May 2022.

The event will be streamed live and free to everyone to view online. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, no public attendance is allowable.

Updates will occur on both the ANBC website and the BCSA website as we progress with the planning.

We look forward to you enjoying what will be a whole new experience for our hobbies most prestigious event.



To be held on Saturday July 16th 2022

Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Rd., Enfield

Cocks: limited to 2019 bred and younger
Hens: limited to 2020 bred and younger

50/50 split is preferred, more hens gladly accepted, a lesser split relating to cocks may see bird selection numbers reduced and/or not included in the catalogue.

A 10% commission to the BCSA will apply with a minimum of $5 per lot. A handling fee of $5 for unsold lots will apply. Any birds with major permanent deformities and disabilities or evidence of illness will not be accepted on the day and a $5 commission will still apply. Buyers to negotiate directly with the vendor for passed in birds. Unsold birds will be returned at owner’s expense.

AUCTION: Limited to approximately 180 lots

The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity

 Number of lots (refer below) to the Auction Coordinator by


Initially, 10 auction lots only, per Vendor

 Dependent upon numbers submitted this may be increased for selected vendors if warranted by the average sale price for their lots in previous years.

Please indicate in the Expression of Interest to the Coordinator the number of additional auction birds if space is available if you have further auction birds.

Vendors will be invited to submit photos of their best two auction birds for inclusion in the catalogue. Photos will need to be provided at the same time as their bird details.


Dennis Lomman 0402125965; for expressions of interest and submission of lots for inclusion in the auction catalogue. Please use standardized terminology for Variety and Variety combinations followed by Colour as per the MATRIX in the Standard when describing lots.

John Mulley 0488224446; for other organizational matters. 

It will be appreciated if Vendors and others could accept assigned tasks on the day and participate in the cleanup of the hall after the auction.

NOTE:  The BCSA will hold its AGM on the morning of the Auction at the same venue but in a separate room at 9.00am and prior to viewing the auction birds.  This provides an opportunity for BCSA members to attend their AGM.