Welcome to the Budgerigar Council of South Australia

Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) is the controlling body representing affiliated budgerigar clubs
throughout South Australia, Australia.

Here is the link to the ANBC National Auction. If you have a moment please take a look at the wonderful selection of birds from some of the Countries top breeders. The National is now only 4 weeks away and I'm sure you're all getting very excited to see who will come out on top. https://www.32auctions.com/ANBC29MAY2022 ANBC Annual Auction ending Sunday 29 May 2022 Silent auction 'ANBC Annual Auction ending Sunday 29 May 2022' hosted online at 32auctions.www.32auctions.com ...
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EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST To be held on Saturday July 16th 2022 Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Rd., Enfield Cocks: limited to 2019 bred and younger
Hens: limited to 2020 bred and younger 50/50 split is preferred, more hens gladly accepted, a lesser split relating to cocks may see bird selection numbers reduced and/or not included in the catalogue. A 10% commission to the BCSA will apply with a minimum of $5 per lot. A handling fee of $5 for unsold lots will apply. Any birds with major permanent deformities and disabilities or evidence of illness will not be accepted on the ...
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Scheduled for May 2022 As we previously advised the event is now scheduled to be held at Victor Harbour, a seaside town south of Adelaide around 60 minutes’ drive from the Adelaide Airport. The venue will be the McCracken Country Club, McCracken Drive, Victor Harbour SA 5211 and all seven states and zones have agreed to participate and we are thankful for those positive responses. The strict Covid regulations remain in place and this is again a key element of the event taking place. A new and major escalation of the Omicron variant 2 is now in play in all ...
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Interclub Competition points are awarded for positions 1-12 in each class. Exhibitors must nominate the Society to which their points are to be allocated.

Spotting of Birds is required to avoid penalty but a minimum of shadow spots is acceptable for transport to the national show.
Photographs of birds selected in the team are not to appear in social media or the internet prior to judging at the national show.


All birds must be available for selection in the state team

THE SHOW WILL BE HELD UNDER THE BCSA SHOW RULES at the Enfield Community Centre, 540 Regency Road, ...
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