Normal Green Budgie/Budgerigar

The Exhibition Light Green budgerigar (budgie) breed is known for its unique physical features that set it apart from other breeds. It has a solid and uniform grass green rump and underparts, along with a yellow face and clean yellow forehead. The back and wing coverts (upper & under) are black and have clearly defined yellow outlining. These areas are also free of any body color suffusion. The mask is deep and wide and not cleft. It extends beyond two large cheek patches and is ornamented by six large symmetrical throat spots, with the outer spots partially covered by the base of the violet cheek patches. Additionally, the markings on the cheeks, back of the head, neck, and wings are black, clearly defined, and symmetrical on a yellow ground color. These markings are free from any intrusion of body color or ‘bloom.’

Normal Green Budgerigar
Image Courtesy of Rod Turnbull and the ANBC

Description from The Standard of the Normal Green Budgie

When it comes to budgerigars, different breeds exhibit unique characteristics. For instance, the Light Green breed has mid-blue tail feathers with turquoise suffusion, and a black tail quill. Its eyes are black with a white iris ring, and its feet are blue/grey in color. The cock has a blue cere, whereas the hen has a brown cere. On the other hand, the Dark Green budgerigar boasts of a dark laurel green body color and dark blue tail feathers. Finally, the Olive budgerigar has a deep olive green body color and dull blue-black tail feathers.

Normal Green Budgerigar

Pairing Suggestions

The normal green gene is dominant to the blue series birds. Some experienced in the hobby suggest that the pairing of Light Greens to Sky Blues maintains the desirable light green body colour.  Pairing single factor grey green to single factor grey green will also produce 25% normal greens. Pairing single factor grey green to light green will produce 50% normal green.

Normal Green Budgerigars winning at a national level are on the ANBC Website, featured in Class 1.

Normal Green Budgerigar

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