BCSA Bird Carers

A summary of the responsibility of the BCSA Bird Carers is as follows: Bird Carers

  • Liaise with the BCSA Show Manager
  • Collect the listing of ring numbers of the first FOUR birds in each class from the electronics coordinator of the State Selection Show.  When we select birds, the birds beyond the first three we select for travel in the BCSA Team, may need to be an emergency substitute.
  • Arrange location of the holding area.
  • Coordinate collection of the state team.
  • Once we collect the team, boxing of the budgies for travel.
  • Accordingly, coordinate transportation of the Team to and from the ANBC National Show.
  • On account of this, take responsibility for presentation of the BCSA Team at that Show.
  • Participate in the boxing and expeditious return of the Team to Adelaide airport. Naturally, this should occur on the Monday immediately following the ANBC National Show.
  • Arrange the pickup of the team from the airport and return to the Adelaide holding area.
  • Coordinate the distribution of the returned birds to their owner or their authorised representative.
  • Compile an Information Sheet prior to the State Selection Show.
  • Hand out the aforementioned sheet to all exhibitors who have birds selected in the Team.
  • Compile Team Summary including contact details for exhibitors who have birds selected in the Team. This will facilitate contact if necessary.

Bird Carers Essential Minimum Qualifications

  • Financial member of the BCSA.
  • Considerable experience breeding and exhibiting budgerigars.
  • Track record in having birds in the State Team.
  • Skills in show preparation.
  • The skill to effectively manage the State Team.
  • Naturally, the skill to present entries for benching within set deadlines at the ANBC Show.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.

Desirable Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a BCSA Bird Carer.

Appointment Process

  • November: BCSA calls for nominations from affiliated / associated clubs.
  • January: BCSA selects four bird carers, two or three of whom shall (where possible) have had previous experience. Accordingly, we select one as the COORDINATOR. This  ensures any ASSOCIATED ACTIVITY can carry out.
  • Selection criteria: In the event of there being more applicants than positions available, the following process applies. Applicants are assessed against the criteria listed in ESSENTIAL MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS. Preference for the fourth position is an applicant who has not previously been a BCSA Bird Carer. However, this applicant must have the potential and desire to fill that position in subsequent years.
  • Successful applicants must confirm their willingness to carry out the ASSOCIATED ACTIVITIES to the BCSA Secretary. Given that, they must also provide an electronic photograph for dispatch to the host State / Zone, for security purposes.

Statement of Associated Activities

  • Bird Carers must register for the ANBC National Show. Secondly, they must book their accommodation within easy reach of the show venue. Thirdly, they book their own flights (at least two carers, if possible, on the same flight). Finally, mindfulness must apply to the need for the birds to arrive in time to feed and settle prior to lights out in the bird room.
  • Make the bookings with the airline regarding transport of birds on the same flight as the Bird Carers as accompanied freight 90 days out from travel and establish and book return flights and times for the birds, either as freight, or as accompanied freight of any member of the BCSA (usually one or more of the Bird Carers) who are willing to undertake the task.
  • State Selection/Logan Shield: Attend the state selection show, move the selected Team to the ‘local’ holding area or assist where necessary in relocating the Team to the holding area, noting that not all birds will be held in this location.
  • Ensure that all selected birds, not held at the ‘local’ holding area, are organised to, and do, arrive at the holding area at a predetermined time as specified on the Information Sheet prior to departure of the team. This is facilitated by compiling a list of contact phone numbers for breeders with birds selected in the Team and handing out the Information Sheet compiled prior to the show to all the successful breeders detailing flight times and the collection and pickup arrangements.
  • Ensure that travel boxes (with keys) are clean and prepared for travel.

Continued Statement of Associated Activities for Bird Carers

  • Early on the morning of departure to the Host City, box the birds, checking off the ring numbers. Bird Carers from outside the metropolitan area to arrange a proxy where necessary, to ensure that at least two fanciers are present to box the birds.
  • Transport the team to the airport. Airport arrival between two hours and 90 minutes prior to departure, as deemed by the carrying airline company. Take the paperwork and two sets of keys to the show.  One set of keys and paperwork to remain in Adelaide with the nominated recipient of birds if different from the Bird Carers returning from the ANBC Show.
  • When the show is held in South Australia, breeders may collect their birds directly from the Bird Carers at the venue after rings have been checked off at predetermined times subject to such arrangements being appropriate for the selected venue.
  • Upon arrival in the Host City, collect the team from the freight terminal and at least one Carer to stay with the birds during transport from the airport to the show. Check off ring numbers upon transfer from the carry cages to the holding cages.
  • Distribute the Team across compartments in the holding cages for ease of locating and minimising disturbance during final show preparation, benching on the day of the show and boxing for the return journey.
  • Provide as soon as possible water and seed, the latter in containers as well as spread on the floor of the holding cage to facilitate feeding and restoration of body weight after the flight. This to include high energy food such as oats. Otherwise, all feeding and watering protocols to be standard, as if the birds were in their home holding cages.

Final Statement of Associated Activities for Bird Carers

  • Check birds regularly for signs of stress or incompatibility and react when the need arises to minimise all risks to the birds noting that routine veterinary inspections and assistance is provided at the venue.
  • Bird Carers must be prepared to be with the birds for as long as required for show preparation, benching and de-benching, in line with opening hours of the bird room and scheduling for benching the Team.
  • Bird Carers to be available at the end of the show each day to receive the Team back into the bird-room and clean the show cages in readiness for use the following day, or the following year.
  • Provide Spark™ to the birds on the evening prior to travel to the show and after the show on Sunday evening prior to return home on Monday.
  • Early Monday morning after completion of the ANBC Show, box the birds, check off ring numbers,
  • Ensure paperwork is left back in Adelaide if not travelling with the Team to facilitate checking off and distribution of birds back to owners or their authorised representative.
  • If travelling back with the Team, pick up the Team from the airport and return to the ‘local’ holding area. If not travelling with the Team, ensure arrangements are made for pickup of the Team from the airport and returned to the designated holding area.
  • Coordinate the distribution of the returned birds to their owner or their authorized representative, or arrange for that process.
  • Ensure carry cages are clean for storage.

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