Forms & Documents

From time to time, the BCSA has forms and documentation. Any relevant forms and/or documents will be loaded to this page for review. All of the current BCSA policies can be reviewed under the policies page.

How Do I Join?

To join the BCSA, you need to be a financial individual member of an Affiliate, Half Affiliate or Associate Organisation of the Council. To this end, membership entitles that individual to voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, plus you can purchase Council rings. So, how do I join? Firstly, you need to sign up as a member to the BSSA, the North East, or Port Pirie Clubs. You can visit each of their pages by clicking on the logos below. Secondly, you need to elect on your membership form to be part of the BCSA. You can find each society listed under the Affiliate Clubs page, where there is a link to a membership form. You can also visit our “Join Us Page” to access the membership forms, by clicking on the link below.


Join the BCSA


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