Harry Johnston 2024 Results

The Port Pirie Budgerigar Society (PPBS) hosted the Harry Johnson Young Stock (Breeder) Show for 2024 on Sunday, May 12th, at the Crystal Brook Institute, located at 26 Bowman Street, Crystal Brook.

Grand Champion

  • Bird: Cinnamon Cock
  • Owner: G. Edwards

Champion Opposite to Champ

  • Bird: Cinnamon Hen
  • Owner: G. Edwards

Second Champion

  • Cock: Grey Cock (G. Edwards)
  • Hen: Spangle (G. Edwards)

Third Champion

  • Cock: Grey Green (G. Edwards)
  • Hen: Dominant Pied (Bob Simpson)

Fourth Champion

  • Cock: Dominant Pied (Bob Simpson)
  • Hen: Grey Green (Bob Simpson)

Fifth Champion

  • Cock: Albino (G. McCallum)
  • Hen: White Cap (D. Lange)

Show Statistics

  • Total Birds Entered: 175
  • Total Birds Benched: 138
  • Number of Exhibitors: 11
    • Open: 6
    • Intermediate: 4
    • Novice: 1

Judges for the Day: Mr. J. Mulley and Mr. I. Marshall

Harry Johnston Varietal Results 2024

  • Light Green: Bob Simpson
  • Grey Green: G. Edwards
  • Blue Series: G. Edwards
  • Violet: G. McCallum
  • Grey: G. Edwards
  • Yellow Faced: G. McCallum
  • Golden Face: Jeffries Family
  • Albino: G. McCallum
  • Lutino: Longbottom Family
  • Cinnamon wing: G. Edwards
  • Double Factor Spangle: Bob Simpson
  • Opaline: G. McCallum
  • Fallow: K. Smith
  • Spangle: G. Edwards
  • Spangle AOSV: T. Russell
  • Dominant Pied: Bob Simpson
  • Recessive Pied: K. Smith
  • White Cap: D. Lange
  • Crested: D. Lange

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