Ron Norman Annual Show 2024 Results

Champion Birds:

  • Grand Champion: Ken & Janet Harris
  • Reserve Champion Cock: Sue Adams
  • Reserve Champion Hen: George England
  • Third Champion Cock: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Third Champion Hen: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Fourth Champion Cock: Sue Adams
  • Fourth Champion Hen: George England

Intermediate Division:

  • Champion Intermediate: Jane Kelb
  • Reserve Intermediate Cock: Jane Kelb
  • Reserve Intermediate Hen: Jane Kelb

Novice Division:

  • Champion Novice: Danny Brill
  • Reserve Novice Cock: Peter Brumby
  • Reserve Novice Hen: Trevor Goodenough

Best Junior Exhibit: No Award in 2024

Best of Variety Awards:

  • Best Normal Green: George England
  • Best Normal Grey Green: Paul Wilton
  • Best Normal Blue: George England
  • Best Normal Grey: Ken & Janet Harris
  • Best Normal Yellow Face Blue: Sue Adams
  • Best Dilute: George England
  • Best Lutino: Peter Brumby
  • Best Albino: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Best Dark Eyed Clear: No Award in 2024
  • Best Cinnamon Wing: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Best Spangle DF: Paul Wilton
  • Best Opaline: George England
  • Best Opaline AOSV: George England
  • Best Spangle: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Best Spangle AOSV: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Best Dominant Pied: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Best Aust White Cap: Sue Adams
  • Best AOSV/NSV: Danny Brill

Brasea Awards:

  • Best Normal Visual Violet: George England
  • Best Clearwing: Marie & Kerry Murphy
  • Best Recessive Pied: Vicki Sanford
  • Best Yellow Face AOSV: Peter Brumby
  • Best Greywing: George England
  • Best Crested: Ian Jenke
  • Best Black Eyed Self: No Award in 2024
  • Best Lacewing: Chris Murphy
  • Best Aust Golden Faced Blue: No Award in 2024
  • Best Clearbody: Vicki Sanford
  • Best Rainbow: No Award in 2024
  • Best Bush/Pet Budgerigar: Pauline Lampre

Show Manager’s Report of Ron Norman 2024

Last Sunday, July 7, saw the annual running of our major show for any age birds with the 75th staging of the Ron Norman Show at the Westbourne Park Memorial Hall.

With 230 entries we were down by over 100 on last year which was a bit disappointing but what was lacking in quantity was made up for in quality, with the standard of birds on the show bench just getting better every year.

Although we were down by 4 Open and 2 Intermediate exhibitors, it was very pleasing to see that our Novice breeders were strongly represented once again with 9 breeders showing. The Ron Norman was run in April last year and it is always a challenge for the committee to find the right timing to suit our members with breeding, moulting, Nationals, personal commitments, etc. playing a part in everyone’s ability to get birds ready for a show.

Ian Marshall did a fantastic job as our Major Award judge on the day and I thank him for his efforts together with those of the more than capable Floor Judges in Kelwyn Kakoschke, Malcolm Loveridge, and Sherrilee Reardon. This team of judges would have to be one of the most experienced that we’ve had for some time.

The Winners!

Ken and Janet Harris won back to back Grand Champions with a Normal Grey cock bird while Sue Adams won Reserve Champion Cock and 4th Champion Cock. George England won Reserve Champion Hen and 4th Champion Hen while Marie and Kerry Murphy took out 3rd Champion Cock and 3rd Champion Hen.

Congratulations to Jane Kelb who cornered the market taking out all three Major Awards at the Intermediate level.

Our Champion Novice bird was benched by Danny Brill with Peter Brumby and Trevor Goodenough winning Reserve Champion Novice Cock and Hen respectively.

A special mention for Pauline Lampre who achieved her first award with best Pet Budgie.

Congratulations to all class winners and to all exhibitors.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day especially the Stewards, and Marie for organizing the lunch.

Our next Show will be the Interclub Challenge which will be taking the format of a young bird show (red rings) for the first time. Let’s all support this new format and get behind it with as many entries as possible.

George England

Ron Norman Show Results 2024
Ron Norman Show Results 2024
Ron Norman Show Results 2024
Ron Norman Show Results 2024