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TummyRite® and the BCSA are thrilled to announce their partnership for Budgie Fest 2024, bringing specialised nutrition solutions to budgerigar enthusiasts. Led by Dr. Michael Evans, a renowned animal nutrition expert with comprehensive academic and practical experience, TummyRite® crafts high-quality products based on rigorous research, including scientific literature, in-house lab analyses, and field studies. Dr. Evans holds a pivotal role as TummyRite’s Principal Nutritionist and Technical Director, leveraging his background in Applied Science – Poultry Technology from the University of Queensland, a Master’s from the University of Reading, and a Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from the University of New England. His extensive career spans Queensland, New Zealand, and globally, focusing on nutrition for various animals, including poultry, other avian species, aquaculture species, and livestock. Additionally, Dr. Evans operates Applied Nutrition Pty. Ltd. and passionately engages in aviculture, maintaining a diverse aviary.

About TummyRite®

TummyRite® is designed to nutritionally balance diets and optimise budgerigar health across all stages of life, with five core pillars:

  1. The addition of Enzymes to enhance the digestibility and utilization of food components.
  2. Supply essential nutrients such as essential amino acids, major and minor trace minerals, vitamins, calcium, and electrolytes, often lacking in standard feeds.
  3. Incorporate natural additives like herb extracts and yeast functional fibres to bolster disease resistance.
  4. Support the development of natural immunity against health challenges.
  5. Promote a healthy gut microflora, providing super prebiotics essential for beneficial bacteria.

Jesse Pehrson, Marketing Manager at TummyRite®, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration:
“Partnering with the BCSA for Budgie Fest 2024 allows us to showcase our innovative products designed for the health and well-being of budgerigars, whether they are pets, breeders, or show birds. Our customers consistently report remarkable benefits, including enhanced plumage quality, accelerated growth, improved skeletal and eggshell development, higher hatchability rates, and successful rearing with significantly reduced occurrences of egg binding. We are eager to partner with the South Australian budgerigar community so they can see these benefits first hand, and contribute to their passion for aviculture.”

To learn more about the product range available specifically for budgies, check out the link to the TummyRite® website below.

Tummyrite, Applied Nutrition

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