BCSA Council Officials

The BCSA Council Officials are the group of volunteers who have been elected to office for the Budgerigar Council of South Australia. Their job is to oversee the function of the BCSA, and abide by its governing constitution. Each affiliate club is given an allocation of four representatives on Council. The affairs of The Council shall be managed and controlled exclusively by a Committee which in addition to any powers and authorities conferred by these Rules, may exercise all such powers and do all such things as are within the Objects, Purposes and Functions of The Council.

The Committee shall comprise of equal representation of Individual Members per Affiliate Organisation, who have been duly elected by that Affiliate and one representative per “Half Affiliate” who has been duly elected by that “Half Affiliate”. An Individual shall retain their position on the Management Committee of Council, subject to Rule 6.11, until the following Annual General Meeting of The Council. No Affiliate or “Half Affiliate” Organisation shall replace any member so removed as their delegate, subject to Rule 6.11 until the following Annual General Meeting.

Troy Holmes – Kensington Gardens

Vice President
Michael Smith – Paralowie

Chris Murphy – Coromandel Valley

Ian Wise – Hallett Cove

Ring Steward
Nigel Tonkin – Blackwood

Show Manager
Ian Wise – Hallett Cove

Web Master
Troy Holmes – Kensington Gardens

Matthew Worrell – Worrell & Co Accountants

Chatter Editor
Troy Holmes, Kensington Gardens

Public Officer
Nigel Tonkin

BCSA Delegates

  • Chris Murphy – Coromandel Valley – BSSA
  • Ken Harris – Fulham Gardens – BSSA
  • Troy Holmes – Kensington Gardens – BSSA
  • Danny Brill – Woodcroft – BSSA
  • Peter Glassenbury – Tiddy Widdy Beach – Port Pirie Club
  • Graham McCallum – Booleroo Centre – Port Pirie Club
  • Michael Smith – Paralowie – Port Pirie Club
  • Doug Lange – Maitland – Port Pirie Club
  • Ian Wise – Hallett Cove – North East Budgerigar Society
  • Nigel Tonkin – Blackwood – North East Budgerigar Society
  • John Mulley – Firle – North East Budgerigar Society
  • Shiralee Reardon – Para Hills – North East Budgerigar Society


BCSA Affiliate Clubs

North East Budgerigar Society, NEBS
Port Pirie Budgerigar Society