Identification of The Exhibition Normal Grey Green Budgerigar

The Exhibition Grey Green budgerigar is a unique breed that stands out from other green budgerigars. Firstly, it has a solid and uniform mustard brown rump and underparts and a yellow (buttercup) face and clean yellow forehead. Additionally, the back and wing coverts (upper & under) are black with clearly defined yellow outlining, and they are free of any body color suffusion. Furthermore, the mask is deep and wide, extending beyond two large cheek patches. It is yellow and ornamented by six large symmetrical throat spots, with the outer spots partially covered by the base of the grey cheek patches. Moreover, the markings on the cheeks, back of the head, neck, and wings are black, clearly defined, and symmetrical on a yellow ground color. These markings are free from any intrusion of body color or ‘bloom.’

Image Courtesy of Rod Turnbull and the ANBC

 In contrast to the normal light, dark, and olive green budgerigars, the Grey Green has black tail feathers and a black tail quill, a black eye with white iris ring, and blue/grey-colored feet and legs. Additionally, the cock has a blue cere whilst the hen has a brown cere.

Pairings to Produce Normal Grey Green Budgerigars

The Grey Green gene is a dominant gene. Therefore, paired to anything, a percentage of chicks will be visually grey or grey green. Grey Green’s are very easy to reproduce, and without careful monitoring, can over-run an aviary very quickly. The Grey factor in Grey Greens occurs in light, medium and dark shades. Grey Green does not occur as a split, and the Grey factor is a dominant modifier. That is, a factor that changes or modifies the basic colour beneath it. The Grey factor in grey green can be present in a single or double factor. Many knowledgeable breeders have recommended refraining from pairing Grey Green to Grey Green, or Grey Green to Grey. These pairings serve to double up on the grey factor.

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Normal Grey Green Budgerigar

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