BCSA Show Management Protocols

Show Management Protocols are critical to the successful operation of Shows. The BCSA Committee, under the guidelines of the BCSA Rules, shall appoint a Show Manager annually and 12 months in advance of the show.

Role of the Show Manager

Responsible for the overall conduct of the Logan Shield / State Selection Show and / or Australian National Budgerigar Championship (ANBC) show when the latter is hosted by the BCSA. The specific duties/responsibilities for the ANBC show are not included in this document but will be provided in a timely manner prior that show. Show Regulations & Show Management Protocols

Essential Minimum Qualifications

  • Financial member of the BCSA
  • Considerable experience breeding and exhibiting budgerigars
  • Organisational skills to enable effective management of the show
  • Ability to communicate effectively with members of the Show Committee, judges, stewards, and exhibitors

Desirable Qualifications

Extensive previous experience as a Club-level Show Manager

Statement of Show Manager Associated Activities

The Show Manager shall:

  • In consultation with the BCSA Chairperson appoint a Show Committee consisting of:
  • Show Secretary
  • Safety Officer
  • Chief Steward
  • Stewards
  • Security Supervisor
  • Electronics Supervisor
  • Additional members as required.

In consultation with the BCSA Judges Co-ordinator and BCSA Chairperson appoint Judges for the Logan Shield / State Selection show.

  • Assist the Chairperson of the BCSA with presentation of awards.
  • Authorise the removal of exhibits at the end of the Show.

Responsibilities of the Show Committee

  • Ticket writing / computer operation.
  • Stewarding inclusive of assisting the judge and presenting results to the ticket writers.
  • Security of birds – birds to be checked out prior to departure at completion of the event
  • Assembling the state team and record ring numbers (to be the BCSA Bird Carers for the ANBC show where possible).
  • Compilation of show results.
  • Arranging of adequate staging.
  • Cleaning of hall during and after show.
  • Any other duties as deemed necessary.

The Show Secretary and Electronics Supervisor

  • Compile the Show Schedule in line with ANBC classes, unless otherwise directed by the BCSA.
  • Distribute Show Schedules and Entry Forms for the State Selection Show to all Affiliated and Associated Clubs and BCSA Members at least eight weeks prior to the Show and having regard for the issue dates of Club magazines.
  • Receive show entries by the Monday prior to the Show unless otherwise changed by the BCSA Committee and distribute cage labels within that week, where practicable.
  • Compile record sheets for stewards to record results for passing on to ticket writers/ computer operators.

BCSA Bird Carers for the ANBC

  • Record ring numbers of the first FOUR placegetters – the next birds outside the team being first and second, etc, reserve, respectively, for the State team. Record the selected team birds on the Host state/zone supplied spreadsheet to verify ownership and email a copy to the Host state/zone Show Secretary and the BCSA Bird Carer Team Leader.
  • Arrange holding area and transportation of selected team to holding area prior to interstate departure.
  • Ensure transportation cages are in good order and sanitized ready for use.

BCSA Responsible Activities

  • Appointment of the BCSA Bird Carers for ANBC show.
  • Organise trophies and awards.
  • Arrange booking of the venue 2 years in advance, where practical.
  • Organise a Raffle.

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