PPBS Young Bird Show 2023

The results of the Harry Johnson Port Pirie Budgerigar Society PPBS Young Bird Show 2023 are in! Congratulations to Bob Simpson who took out Grand Champion. Well done also to Graham McCallum who won Champion Intermediate, and the Longbottom Family, who won Champion Novice.

The event was held at Crystal Brook Council Hall, on Sunday May 7th 2023.

PPBS Young Bird Show 2023
Grand Champion – Bob Simpson
PPBS Young Bird Show 2023
Champion Intermediate – Graham McCallum


PPBS Young Bird Show 2023
Champion Novice – Longbottom Family

PPBS Young Bird Show 2023 Full Results

Award Exhibitor Variety
Grand Champion Bob Simpson Dominant Pied Grey Green
Champion Opposite Sex Bob Simpson Opaline Cinnamon wing Grey Green
2nd Champion Cock Bob Simpson Grey Green
2nd Champion Hen Malcolm Loveridge Opaline Cinnamon wing
3rd Champion Cock Malcolm Loveridge Recessive Pied
3rd Champion Hen Bob Simpson Cinnamon wing Light Green
4th Champion Cock Bob Simpson Cinnamon wing Grey
4th Champion Hen Doug & Ruth Lange White Cap
5th Champion Cock Doug & Ruth Lange Normal Light Green
5th Champion Hen Longbottom Family Recessive Pied
Champion Intermediate Graham McCallum Cinnamon wing Light Green
Champion Novice Longbottom Family Recessive Pied

Thanks to Peter Glassenbury for judging the event.