ANBC Hall of Fame

The Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC) made the decision to create a “Hall of Fame” in May of 2003, and the inaugural category was “Breeder Excellence.” The tally includes victories in the ANBC National Class dating back to 1983 and including those won in more recent years. The ‘Breeder Excellence’ award was created to publicly highlight the work of specific breeders in promoting the hobby at the highest level, as well as to acknowledge effort and achievement on the part of the breeders. On the final evening of the ANBC National Show, inductees are recognised and awarded certificates.

National inclusion in the ‘Breeder Excellence’ division is determined by the cumulative results in winning any variety class that is eligible for State or Zone points in the National competition. Exhibition Classes are not included in the tally.

ANBC Breeder Excellence Division

The following are the requirements for induction into the Hall of Fame’s Breeder Excellence Division:

  • The exhibitor (or partnership) must have won classes on seven (7) separate occasions, or
  • The exhibitor (or partnership) must have won the same class on four separate occasions.

Today, the ANBC Hall of Fame for Breeder Excellence sits at 18, with 10 of those breeders still actively showing:

    • Henry George with 41 wins
    • Sheppard & Flanagan partnership with 35 wins
    • Ian Hannington with 17 wins
    • Alan & Chris Druery with 16 wins
    • Alan Rowe with 16 wins
    • Kelwyn Kakoschke with 13 wins
    • Jeffrey Leong with 13 wins
    • Kakoschke & Rice partnership with 12 wins
    • G & M Tuthill with 10 wins
    • Gary Gazzard with 10 wins
    • Bob Smith with 10 wins
    • Peter Thurn with 10 wins
    • Ian Hunter with 9 wins
    • J & R Tanner with 8 wins
    • Mark Chidel with 8 wins
    • Ces & Brenda Gearing with 8 wins
    • Ross Loats with 7 wins
    • W T Cusack, with 5 Wins in the Black eyed Self Class

ANBC Honour Roll For Service

The ANBC made the decision to create a further “Honour Roll – for Service” in October of 2009. On May 30, 2010, the five founders of the ANBC were admitted into this Division.


Mr. Bruce Bradford – N.S.W.
Mr. George Duffield – S.A.
Mr. Harry Eady (dec.) – VIC.
Mr. Stan Watson, OAM (dec) – S.A.
Mr. Brian West (dec) – NTH. QLD


Mr. Barney Hackney (dec) – SQLD.
Mr. Ron Hunt – N.S.W.
Mr. Colin Morgan – N.S.W.
Mr. Gordon Lowe (dec) – S.A.


Mr. Robert Hugo (dec) – W.A.


Mr. Robert Bourke (dec) NSW


Mr. Peter Glassenbury – South Australia
Mr. James Fletcher & Mrs Judy Fletcher – Tasmania
Mr. Ian Hanington – New South Wales
Mr. Alistair Home – Tasmania
Mr. Luke Fletcher – Tasmania


Mr. David Ganzer – South Queensland


Mr. Nigel Tonkin – South Australia
Mr. Neale Love – South Queensland


Mr. Alan Rowe – Victoria
Mr. Leigh Downey – Victoria


ANBC Hall of Fame

For the latest national results, check out this link.