Port Pirie Budgerigar Society (PPBS)


The Port Pirie Budgerigar Society (PPBS) is located in Port Pirie, 224km North of Adelaide and is located on the East Coast of Spencer Gulf, with the beautiful Southern Flinders Ranges overlooking the town.


The first meeting of the Port Pirie Budgerigar Society was held on August 27th. 1957. Port Pirie Budgerigar SocietyOn the positive side, there were 22 foundation members present at this meeting. They held the first Annual Show in July 1958, exactly twelve months later. The Club still holds the Annual Show each year in July. Over the years our Membership has peaked at around fifty members, and at the present time membership is around twenty.


To clarify, not all our members live in Port Pirie. A point often overlooked is that they come from North, South, East and West of Port Pirie and even Broken Hill. To come to meetings it can mean a four to five hour round trip for some of them. The Club holds meetings approximately every three months on a Sunday, which takes place at one of the member’s homes as a Social Day. After the meeting concludes, where all business is dealt with, the members enjoy a BBQ lunch and, of course, spend time looking at the Budgies.

Port Pirie Budgerigar Society Office Bearers

The Club elects all Office Bearers, such as Patron (John Mulley), President (Larry Jeffries), Secretary (Trevor Russell), Treasurer (Peter Glassenbury), Show Manager (Bob Simpson), etc. every year during the AGM held in January. On the whole, the rest of the members are the remaining Committee. The Club, which has four members on Council, fully affiliates with the Budgerigar Council of South Australia, representing Port Pirie.

Port Pirie Budgerigar Society Facebook Group

The Port Pirie Budgerigar Society maintains a facebook group for their members, which includes all the latest buy-swap-sell information, as well as upcoming Club meetings. For all the latest information, follow the link here.


To this end, the Port Pirie Budgerigar Society Membership is due and payable 1st. January annually, and is $10.00 per member and $5.00 for a Junior member with the first twelve months for a Junior member free.

If you would like to join our very friendly club or interested in knowing more about breeding and showing budgerigars please fill out the form and we will be in contact.

Port Pirie Budgerigar Society