BCSA Heat Policy


Heat is an important consideration in the care of budgerigars. This Budgerigar Council of South Australia Inc. (BCSA) initiative is to ensure that all members of the BCSA understand that there is a duty of care in looking after their budgerigars during heat and hot weather conditions. Members and Clubs must follow best practice by adhering to the following guidelines. The BCSA can only mandate for Shows, Sales and Auctions, and not general at-home husbandry during heat. However, the BCSA recommends that individual members follow best practice guidelines under situations of excessive heat.


  1. Accordingly, this heat and hot weather policy covers Shows, Sales, Auctions and all other related activities for BCSA mandated events. By the same token, it extends to events hosted by Affiliate Clubs of the BCSA.
  2. Events shall be cancelled when the local forecast, as broadcast no later than 6:30 PM the day prior, is predicted to be in excess of 32C. That is to say, this applies to the forecast for the day of the event.
  3. Moreover, read the BCSA Heat Policy in conjunction with Animal Welfare Act 1985
  4. It is also read in conjunction with the Animal Welfare Regulations 2012 Schedule 2 – Codes of Practice – 9.
  5. Additionally, relevant guidelines are the Voluntary Code of Practice for Bird Sales for affiliates of the United Bird Societies of South Australia Inc.  This policy states that ‘The sale or auction shall be cancelled if the forecast, or actual temperature is in excess of 32 degrees Celsius on the day of the event’. The BCSA Heat Policy falls in line with the UBSSA guidelines for heat.



Person who must ensure compliance with Code of Practice

A person who has the care, control or management of captive birds. (excluding waterfowl, pigeons used for racing, pheasants or poultry used for the commercial production of meat or eggs)

Relevant Code of Practice

South Australian Code of Practice for the Husbandry of Captive Birds, Office of Animal Welfare, Department of Environment, Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs (1999).



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BCSA Heat Policy