Results from the 2024 Hutchinson Show

The Port Pirie Budgerigar Society held their Hutchinson Any Age Annual Show 2024 on Sunday, June 30th. The event was held at the Crystal Brook Institute, located at 26 Bowman Street, Crystal Brook, SA.

Award Exhibitor Variety
Grand Champion Robert Simpson Normal Grey Green Cock (22/431)
Champion Opposite Malcolm Loveridge Normal Grey Green Hen (22/098)
2nd Champion Cock Malcolm Loveridge Recessive Pied Cock
2nd Champion Hen Malcolm Loveridge Normal Light Green Hen
3rd Champion Cock Bob Simpson Dominant Pied Cock
3rd Champion Hen Malcolm Loveridge Opaline Cinnamon Sky Blue Hen
4th Champion Cock Bob Simpson Normal Light Green Cock
4th Champion Hen Bob Simpson Cinnamon Wing Green Hen
5th Champion Cock Bob Simpson Cinnamon Wing Grey Cock
5th Champion Hen D & R Lange Whitecap Hen
Champion Intermediate Tony Vandenbrink Spangle AOSV
Champion Opposite Sex Intermediate Michael Smith Opaline Cinnamon Grey Hen
Champion Novice Longbottom Family Cinnamon Wing Grey
Champion Opposite Sex Novice Longbottom Family Cinnamon Wing Grey Green
Total Birds Entered – 202
Total Birds Benched – 152
Open Benched – 113 Birds / 7 Exhibitors
Intermediate Benched – 24 Birds / 3 Exhibitors
Novice Birds Benched – 15 Birds / 2 Exhibitors
Judges: Kerry Murphy/George England

Comments on the 2024 Hutchinson Show

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kerry Murphy and George England for their exceptional judging.

Regrettably, two exhibitors were unable to attend due to health concerns. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

A special thanks to all exhibitors for their invaluable assistance throughout the day. We especially appreciate the two lovely ladies who dedicated many hours to ticket writing – well done!

Our appreciation also goes to the president and his lovely wife, Sharon, for organizing a delightful barbecue. Additionally, we are grateful to everyone who helped with the packing up.

It was wonderful to see our new members enjoying the show. We wish them all the best in our special hobby and encourage everyone to make them feel welcome wherever we meet them. A warm welcome to Graham and Min Wilson from Balaklava!

Port Pirie Budgerigar Society