NEBS – The North East Budgerigar Society

The North East Budgerigar Society (NEBS) offers guidance, mentorship, meetings, and shows for our members who are interested in Budgerigars.


NEBS History

In 1974, Mr. Bob Hancock, Mr. Alf Harrison, Mr. Kelwyn Kakoschke, and Mr. Gordon Lowe founded the North East Budgerigar Society with 28 foundation members. Shortly thereafter, the club held its inaugural general meeting in April 1974 at the Para Hills Community Hall and continued to meet monthly. Later, in May 1974, the first executive committee of 12 members, with Mr. Bob Hancock as President, convened. By July 1974, membership had grown to 52, and the meetings were relocated to the Para Hills Kindergarten. In the meantime, members purchased approximately 2,100 rings.

During the early years, NEBS moved their meeting venues a few times. They relocated to the Tea Tree Gully Institute in February 1975, then to the Druids Hall in Collinswood in May 1975, then to the Northern Masonic Hall in Broadview in March 1978, and finally to the Kilburn Hall in April 1981. The Society has been holding general meetings at the Kilburn Community Hall, 49 Le Hunte St, Kilburn, since then.

NEBS Fundraising Efforts

NEBS fundraising began in the early 1980s at Trash and Treasure Markets. For nearly a decade, participation in the Junction Market strengthened the Society’s finances through the efforts of the ladies who made and sold cakes. Breeders sold birds at the Junction Market with a 10% commission going to the club. Bird sales shifted to the Brickworks Market in the mid-1990s for a short period. The Society held regular sausage sizzles as opportunities arose to fundraise.

Since its founding, NEBS has primarily served budgerigar breeders residing in the inner and outer northern areas, and this remains true today. Other clubs in the northern area have folded over time, with many of their members joining NEBS. Membership has fluctuated over the years, and it currently hovers around 60, with approximately 3,500 rings sold each year.

NEBS Meetings

The NEBS meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Kilburn Community Hall, 49 Le Hunte Street Kilburn. NEBS general meetings provide members with the opportunity to learn from experienced breeders on all aspects of breeding exhibition budgerigars. This includes colors and varieties, genetics, and standards, as well as the chance for social interaction between members. The Society regularly holds small night shows during the general meetings. Annual Adult and Young Bird Shows are a regular feature, and members eagerly look forward to them. In addition, the Society competes in the annual Logan Shield where they select birds to represent the state at the annual ANBC National Show. Society members have been strong supporters of the State and National events.

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