Standard Show Cage Design

Welcome to the bird show cage page! Having a standard bird show cage design for budgerigars is important for several reasons. First, it provides a fair and equal platform for judging the birds at shows. By having the same design, judges can evaluate each bird based on the same criteria. This eliminates any potential advantages or disadvantages that may come from variations in the way the bird is presented.

Secondly, a standard agreed design helps to ensure the safety and comfort of the birds. The cage design is specifically designed to meet the needs of budgies, providing adequate space and ventilation, while preventing escape or injury.

Lastly, having a standard show cage design helps to maintain consistency and professionalism within the budgerigar fancy. It promotes a sense of unity and uniformity among breeders and exhibitors, reinforcing the importance of adhering to established standards and guidelines.

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History of the Adoption of a Standard Design

In May 1954, the BSSA approved the first budgie show cage layout in South Australia. To this end, in October 1955, the Club approved the white inside and black outside colour scheme. Some thirty-three years later, in 1988, the ANBC adopted the National Standard Show Cage design. The cage launched at the ANBC championship event held by North and Central Queensland at The Iwsaki Resort in Yeppoon in 1989. They announced it as the National Standard for all ANBC events. In more recent times, the front has changed from chrome to a powder coated.


In summary, having a standard bird show cage design for budgies is essential. It creates a level playing field for judging. The aim of the design is to ensure the safety and comfort of the birds. Furthermore, it promotes consistency and professionalism across the budgie fancy.

For a PDF on the standard design, Cage Specifications from ANBC