ANBC National Show

The ANBC National Show is a highly anticipated event that brings together top exhibitors from each state, who compete for national Best of Variety awards known as “Logies.” To that end, the ANBC National Show is the pinnacle event on the Australian Exhibition Budgerigar calendar. For that reason, it is conducted over two days, typically in late May or early June to align with the breeding seasons.

In summary, the competition consists of 28 classes, with up to three birds from each state or zone in each class. Furthermore, the ANBC established a ‘Hall of Fame‘ in 2003, which includes a breeder excellence section. Since 1983, all Australian states have participated in the ANBC Show, and wins are tallied from 1983. Breeder recognition occurs when they have won seven National Classes or four times in the same class, earning them a spot in the Hall of Fame.

ANBC National Show Logo

History of the ANBC Show

In 1964, Budgerigar Fanciers from Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia gathered for The Griffith Cage Bird Societies Annual Show in Griffith, New South Wales. As a result of this conference, the conception of a National Teams Competition for Budgerigars occured. Firstly, Dr. Harold Cooper from New South Wales (now Tasmania) discussed a Teams Competition with The Late Frank Gardener from Victoria in 1972. Then, these two enthusiasts recruited Harry Eady and Evan Stafford from Victoria, Ron Hunt from New South Wales, and George Duffield from South Australia to assist in generating interest inside the Fancy. Finally, in 1974, Harry Eady persuaded The BCA (now BCV) to sponsor a Teams Competition, making these early thoughts a reality.

Subsequently, in 1975, in the Melbourne district of Kensington, the first Teams Competition was conducted. Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia competed in this first event, which is now held annually. Western Australia entered the competition in 1978, followed by North Queensland, South Queensland, and Tasmania in 1979, 1980, and 1983, respectively.

The Need to Create a National Body

In 1981, it became necessary to form a governing body to establish the regulations for this competition. As a result, a steering committee comprised of participating teams convened during the show in Perth. Alan Marshall and Ron MacNamara from Victoria, Brian West and Amon Murdock from Queensland, Bruce Bradford, Kevin Kelly, and Col Morgan from New South Wales, Don Geary from the Australian Capital Territory, George Duffield and Stan Watson from South Australia, and Willie Schoeman from Western Australia were the delegates. Consequently, Mr. Brian West was chosen as the first ANBC Secretary, and it was decided that the first formal ANBC meeting would be held in 1982 in Townsville.

The National Colour & Standard Committee was established in 1985 in order to produce a National Standard for use in ANBC championship shows. This mission was completed by Colin Morgan of New South Wales, Harry Eady from Victoria, and George Duffield from South Australia. In 1987, Brian West joined the committee to assist with printing. Overall, this committee released the revised standard in 1990, with member organisations having the option of adopting this standard, or use their own state standards.

National Show Cage Design & Accreditation for Judges

In 1988, the ANBC adopted the National Show Cage design. The new cage for the ANBC championship event held by North and Central Queensland at The Iwsaki Resort in Yeppoon in 1989. In 1989, the ANBC received basic guidelines for a National Judges Panel & Examining Committee. The first examining panel for judges consisted of Harry Eady of Victoria, Ron Hunt of New South Wales, Harold Cooper of Tasmania, Brian West of North Queensland, and Barney Hackney of South Queensland. In 1992, South Queensland would hold the first competition assessed by nationally certified judges.

ANBC Hall of Fame

Today, the ANBC Hall of Fame for Breeder Excellence sits at:

  • Henry George with 41 wins
  • Sheppard & Flanagan partnership with 35 wins
  • Ian Hannington with 17 wins
  • Alan & Chris Druery with 16 wins
  • Alan Rowe with 16 wins
  • Kelwyn Kakoschke with 13 wins
  • Jeffrey Leong with 13 wins
  • Kakoschke & Rice partnership with 12 wins
  • G & M Tuthill with 10 wins
  • Gary Gazzard with 10 wins
  • Bob Smith with 10 wins
  • Peter Thurn with 10 wins
  • Ian Hunter with 9 wins
  • J & R Tanner with 8 wins
  • Mark Chidel with 8 wins
  • Ces & Brenda Gearing with 8 wins
  • Ross Loats with 7 wins
  • W T Cusack, with 5 Wins in the Blackeyed Self Class

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