Opaline AOSV Budgerigar

The Opaline AOSV Budgerigar represents Any Other Standard Variety (AOSV). The Class includes Opaline Cinnamon Wing, Opaline Greywing, Opaline Clearwing, Opaline Blackeyed Self, and Opaline Dilute. Fanciers bred the Opaline AOSV combination shortly after the discovery of the first Opalines in 1933. To recount the history of the Opaline Budgerigar, it all started in 1933 when the first Opaline bird was discovered among the wild budgerigars brought to the Adelaide markets by trappers. Mr. S. E. Terrill acquired an Opaline Light Green hen in baby plumage. As a prominent breeder in Adelaide, South Australia, he established the Opaline factor in most of the normal varieties.

In about 1933, the first Cinnamon wings were bred by a lady fancier from Adelaide, South Australia. Although we do not know the lady’s identity, she was not impressed by the birds’ appearance and promptly sold them to a dealer. Fortunately, Mr. Terrill noticed them and bought as many as he could from the dealer. He then firmly established them in the country.

Being that Mr Terrill was first to identify the Opaline and the first Cinnamon, it is highly likely he was one of the first to breed the Opaline Cinnamon AOSV Budgerigar combination.

Opaline Cinnamon AOSV Budgerigar combinations

Image Courtesy of Rod Turnbull and the ANBC

Opaline Cinnamons traditionally dominate the Opaline AOSV Budgerigar class, as they tend to be stronger than their recessive counterparts in the Greywing and Dilute variants.

Opaline AOSV Budgerigar

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