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Geelong Budgerigar Auction 2024

Geelong 2024

The Geelong Budgerigar Auction catalogue for 2024 is currently available, featuring an impressive lineup of 196 exhibition budgerigars. This eagerly ...
FIVEAA Budgie Chat


A big thank you to Pembo & Will for the shout out for the NEBS 50th on FIVEaa's Thursday morning's ...
Phil Hoadley Estate Auction

Phil Hoadley Estate Sale

Phil Hoadley's lifelong passion for Budgerigars, particularly Recessive Pied's, represents a journey filled with remarkable achievements. In partnership with his ...
Glenn Sinclair 3, Glenn Sinclair Moving Sale, Glenn Sinclair Budgies

Glenn Sinclair 3

Welcome to Auction 3, hosted by Glenn Sinclair, which starts on April 8 and concludes on April 14. Currently, this ...
Slater Whannell Budgie Auction

Slater Whannell Auction

Heath Slater and Andrew Whannell, collectively known as HA1, are currently in partnership and are featuring an online budgie auction ...
Port Pirie Budgerigar Society Show Schedule 2024

PPBS Breeder Show 2024

The Port Pirie Budgerigar Society (PPBS) is hosting the Harry Johnson Young Stock (Breeder) Show for 2024. Date: Sunday, May ...
Lloyd Edwards Breeder Show

Lloyd Edwards Breeder Show 2024

Welcome to the Lloyd Edwards Breeder Show for 2024! This show is open to owner bred birds that are rung ...
Hunter Budgie Auction 9

Hunter Budgie Auction 9

Welcome to Hunter Valley Budgie Auction 9, proudly presented by the Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc. Currently, this auction, Hunter ...
BSSA Auction 9 2024

BSSA Auction 9 2024

Welcome to the Budgerigar Society of South Australia BSSA Auction 9 for 2024. This week, we are excited to offer ...
Eppelstun Portch Auction

Eppelstun Portch

The Eppelstun Portch Auction currently showcases a unique collaboration between Richard & Michelle Eppelstun and Josh Portch. This event provides ...
Clyde Easter Auction, Clyde Budgerigar Auction

Clyde Easter Auction

Currently underway and set to conclude on March 31st, the Clyde Easter Auction is actively showcasing a unique selection of ...
Glenn Sinclair 2, Glenn Sinclair Budgerigar Auction

Glenn Sinclair 2

The Glenn Sinclair's Auction 2 for 2024 is currently underway, presenting a selection of surplus birds. These are all maiden ...

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