BCSA Life Members

Recognising BCSA life members and their substantial contributions to the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) is essential, as they embody the dedication, commitment, and passion that fuel our organisation’s success. These life members have devoted their time and expertise to bettering the BCSA, sharing invaluable knowledge, and supporting fellow members. Their sustained engagement has been instrumental in fostering the growth and development of the budgerigar community in South Australia. Whether they have contributed by participating in events, leading workshops, or shaping the BCSA’s strategic direction, their impact cannot be overstated. Life members have not only demonstrate an enduring commitment to the BCSA but also to the enrichment of budgerigar breeding, care, and exhibition throughout South Australia. We honour these individuals for their profound contributions and lasting legacy within our organization and the wider budgerigar community.

Requirements to become a BCSA Life Member

No life membership criteria is included within the Council Constitution. Therefore, the following clauses represent an outline of activity by members that could be considered for this honour.

  • Honorary Life Membership may be conferred from time to time on any member who in the opinion of the Management Committee has given the Council such service at local or national level or has brought honour and prestige to the Council by outstanding services or achievement.
  • The member nominated for honorary life membership must have been a financial member of the Council for a minimum of fifteen (15) years continuously, with a minimum of ten (10) years on the Management Committee or associated role such as to benefit the Council by attending that role.
  • The conferring of honorary life membership must be recommended by the Management Committee members to the Council Secretary and a list of those persons recommended will be presented at a Council meeting convened for the purpose, and the proposal accepted by a show of hands by a majority of Management Committee members present.
  • The conferring of Honorary Life Membership will be recognized in the minutes of that meeting and a list of those members accepted by the Management Committee for this honour will be retained in the Secretary records with a brief outline of the reasons why this honour was conferred.
  • Life Members will be entitled to ongoing free Council Membership while they remain in the Fancy, in line with that honour conferred.
  • This conferred life membership will also be acknowledged to members present at the next Annual General Meeting of the Council.
  • Honorary Life Membership can however be withdrawn if the said member was found to be in serious breach of the general guidelines within the Constitution of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia Inc.

BCSA Life Members

Mr. Graham Bell (awarded in 2016)

Graham Bell has offered two decades of unwavering service as the BCSA’s audio-visual and IT officer. To this end, Graham demonstrates exceptional commitment and expertise. Beyond his core roles, Graham significantly contributes to the management of BCSA auctions, State shows, and National Show registrations. Despite no longer breeding birds, Graham’s enthusiastic service continues. Graham provides essential support that, while not always visible to all, is deeply valued and recognized by those he assists.

Mrs. Doreece Brunton (awarded in 2016)

Doreece Brunton dedicated 18 continuous years of service to the BCSA as the state’s Ring Officer before retiring in 2014. Her tenure saw her oversee numerous ring transactions annually. Ruring Doreece’s early years, over 20,000 rings were issued in SA, a figure double the 2015 total. Additionally, Doreece held the important role of registrar for BCSA’s financial members and exhibitor status, demonstrating her extensive contribution to the Council.

Mr. Peter Glassenbury (awarded in 2016)

At the time of being awarded, Peter Glassenbury was the current President, Acting Secretary, and former Treasurer of the BCSA. Peter has been instrumental in various capacities. Notably, he served as the Treasurer for seven years and has been President twice before 2016. His involvement in numerous Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC) tasks is expansive, often holding multiple roles simultaneously. Peter has represented the state as a Colour and Standards Delegate 18 times by 2016, including 7 as National Coordinator. He also served as a delegate 15 times, and as the National Judges‘ Coordinator four times.

Prior to the council’s formation, he was a carer seven times, including five times for the state. His expertise has been acknowledged nationally, judging the National show five times, the maximum permitted on a rotational basis. Peter’s profound understanding of the Australian Standard is highly valued at the national level. To that end, he has been pursued for the clarity and reviews he conducts for the ANBC.

Mr. John Mulley (awarded in 2016)

Since 1998, John Mulley has held several key roles within the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA). He has served as Treasurer for 10 years, acted as a bird carer at the Nationals for 12 years. John represented South Australian members as a Delegate at the ANBC on nine occasions prior to 2016. Additionally, John has taken a leading role in organising most BCSA Auctions since 2003. In this role, he functions as either as the primary organiser or co-organiser. John’s deep understanding of genetics has been sought after by the ANBC for multiple reviews of the Australian Standard. Naturally, his knowledge ont he topic further demonstrates his significant contribution to the budgerigar community. Lastly, John is an esteemed National judge.

Mr. Nigel Tonkin (awarded in 2016)

Nigel Tonkin has held numerous key positions within the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) and the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC) since 1996. His service includes 13 years as BCSA President and 15 years as Secretary, stepping into the role when others were unavailable. Additionally, he coordinated the National Show in 2000, 2007, and 2014. Nigel has also represented the BCSA in various ANBC roles, with 11 years as a Delegate, five years as National Judges Coordinator, five years as Colour and Standards Coordinator, and three years as a South Australian bird carer at national events. His tireless work has been instrumental in developing our current Standard and its associated pictorials, both nationally and internationally. Currently, he is the ring officer coordinating the supply of rings for the state from overseas and serves as Judges Coordinator. Moreover, Nigel has judged the National show on three separate occasions.

Mr. Dennis Lomman (awarded 2023)

Over the course of 14 years, Dennis has served the BCSA Committee admirably as both a Delegate and in a variety of other capacities. For the better part of a decade, he was the BCSA’s webmaster, and from 2012 to 2022, he was the organization’s auction coordinator. He also served for many years on the Logan Shield Organising Committee and the National Show Organising Committee in 2014, and for seven years, he took on the responsibility of compiling the BCSA’s status movement points. This demonstrated exceptional dedication to the exhibition hobby on the part of BCSA leadership and has resulted in a recommendation for Life Membership. For this reason, the BCSA ratified Dennis Lomman as a Life Member of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia, Inc. on July 15 2023.

Mr. Kelwyn Kakoschke (awarded 2023)

The ratification of Kelwyn Kakoschke as a Life Member of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia, Inc – the generational breeding success of this member is nothing short of legendary. The BCSA honors Kelwyn Kakoschke with Life Membership for his extraordinary efforts to raise the organization’s and State’s profile on the National stage. Since the BCSA’s inception, his birds have consistently made up 20–40% of the team representing the Council at the Nationals, attracting outcomes that have significantly boosted South Australia’s points score as a State.

Kelwyn has articulated success in wide range of successful varieties, and his wins at the national competition have been remarkable. In fact, he is the only person to be in the Hall of Fame breeder’s excellence division twice, one as his own name (K & J Kakoschke), and once as a partnership Kakoschke & Rice. His knowledge and experience as a judge have helped many others, both in Judging Schools before the Council was established, and at the first judging school after the BCSA inception, when he played a pivotal part in training roughly 30 aspiring judges who began the 18-month course. Along with other SA luminaries George Duffield and Gordon Lowe, his knowledge of Budgerigars was instrumental in developing the first ANBC Standard.

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