BCSA Accredited Judges

Being a BCSA Accredited Judge of exhibition budgerigars is a highly esteemed role. There is a long process to undertake over several year to become a trainee judge, before moving to a judge, major awards judge, and then finally a Nationally Accredited ANBC Judge. Outside of these exams and promotion requirements, there are certain things that judges must do, once they become a judge.

Judges must:

  • Keep and breed exhibition budgerigars.
  • Exhibit budgerigars at least bi-annually in major shows conducted by affiliate, half affiliate or associate societies of the BCSA, including the State Selection Show.
  • You are expected to attend judge’s meetings at least twice a year, assuming they are held.
  • Maintain membership with the BCSA.
  • Be conversant with and understand the ‘Australian National Budgerigar Council Inc. (ANBC) – The Standard’ and any amendments.
  • Be conversant with the ‘Penalty and Disqualification Clauses for the Guidance of ANBC Judges’ and their application.
  • ‘ANBC – The Standard’ and any appendages thereto, is the sole reference source when judging as to colour, variety and exhibition points.
  • The Judges Committee and the BCSA Executive may ask Judges to provide an explanation if they do not adhere to the above rules, and they may face removal from the Judges Panel.
  • You can submit a written request to the BCSA Executive for a leave of absence to cover any extenuating circumstances that may arise from time to time.

Judges shall:

  • If you receive an invitation to judge at meetings or shows, try to accept the appointment whenever possible. In case you are unable to accept, promptly inform the inviting Society, allowing them sufficient time to approach an alternative.
  • You should wear appropriate clothing that presents a professional image. It is compulsory for judges to wear a shirt / blouse (complete with BCSA logo) as supplied by the BCSA (Stencil Nano-Gear Item 2024 man or Item 2124 lady, Biz Collection P9300 Polo-Grey man and lady) and a tie (optional) with slacks / skirt at all BCSA affiliate, half affiliate or associate shows. The following items are not permitted – track suit pants, sports shorts, runners, sandals, and thongs. If for a medical or other reason a judge is not able to comply, the Judge is to submit a request for an exemption with the applicable reason.
  • You should be ready to start judging at the designated time.
  • Act in a courteous manner during and at completion of judging.
  • Be available to answer questions from exhibitors at the completion of judging appointments. Explain the basis of decisions if so requested.
  • Be non-critical of a fellow judge’s decision.
  • Be a good ambassador of the BCSA and the budgerigar fancy in general.
  • Not travel to a judging appointment with an exhibitor nor carry any exhibits entered at that show.
  • You should avoid any situation where your competence or propriety may be questioned;


BCSA Accredited Judges