The Logan Shield

The BSSA’s participation in the renowned Victorian Gardner Shield competition established the Logan Shield. The BSSA sent a team of birds to Melbourne in 1974 and placed 4th against 11 Victorian teams. The following year, they placed 3rd out of 15 teams, which highlighted the quality of their birds. With this in mind, in 1977, the BSSA proposed organizing a competition among the six existing clubs in South Australia to foster team spirit and friendly competition among budgerigar breeders, including mixed bird clubs. The competition was named after Lal Logan. For the previous 18 years, Lal had been the secretary of the BSSA. Naturally, Lal felt honored and purchased and donated the shield. On April 2nd, 1977, the first Logan Shield competition was held with six clubs participating, and BSSA emerged as the winner with 196 points.

Logan Shield

The Logan Shield serves as a yearly tribute to Lal and his wife Thelma. The Logan’s contributed significantly to the BSSA and the budgerigar fancy since its founding in South Australia in 1948. The Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) now annually hosts the State’s Logan Shield selection show. Birds from this show go onto compete at the ANBC National Titles. Although some clubs have difficulty fielding a full team, the Logan Shield remains a testament to a great budgerigar enthusiast.

The Logan Shield’s establishment is part of the history of the National Teams Competition. To that end, the first competition occurred in Victoria in 1975. It is an annual event, with the exception being delays due to COVID.

Today, the competition includes seven states/zones, bringing together Australia’s best breeders and young exhibition budgies. It represents the pinnacle of exhibition event in budgerigars in this country.

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