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Why Everyone Deserves a Budgie, 2GB Sydney

As the saying goes, while every child may deserve a dog, have you ever considered that everyone deserves a budgie? Troy Holmes, President of The Budgerigar Council of South Australia, highlights to 2GB’s Mike Jeffreys that according to Wikipedia, the native Australian budgerigar ranks as the third most popular pet globally, following cats and dogs, and for good reason.

Troy, a devoted budgie enthusiast since his teenage years, highly recommends them as pets. Mike & Troy discuss the virtues of having a pet budgie, and why it’s important to a child to have the responsibility of an animal. Troy makes a point that the budgie strikes a great balance between affordability and interaction.

Regardless of age, budgies make excellent companions, displaying fierce loyalty and forming strong attachments to their owners. Ideal as a first or companion pet, budgies are easy to care for and boast a long lifespan ranging from seven to 15 years.

Additionally, their vibrant rainbow colors and soothing chatter add to their appeal.


Why everybody deserves a budgie (2gb.com)

Everyone Deserves a Budgie, Mike Jeffrey, 2GB


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