3AW Interview on Budgies As Affordable Pets

Andy McLaren Discusses the Popularity of Budgerigars as Affordable Pets with Troy Holmes on 3AW

In an enlightening segment on 3AW, Andy McLaren delves into the rising popularity of budgerigars, especially in light of the current cost-of-living crisis. As expenses soar, pet owners are feeling the financial strain, making the affordable and charming budgie a top choice for many. Andy chats with Troy Holmes about why these small birds are becoming a favourite among pet lovers.

They explore the world of exhibition budgerigars. Andy and Troy discuss what it takes to raise these birds for shows, a hobby that has garnered global interest. The conversation also turns to the amazing abilities of these birds. To that end, it including a focus on ‘Lil,’ a Japanese-speaking budgie from Adelaide. Finally, they touch on the entertaining tales of ‘Sparky Williams,’ a budgie who recorded an album at Abbey Road Studios in the 1950s.

Listeners of 3AW are treated to the delightful sounds of chatty budgies owned by fellow listeners. They discuss ‘Budgie Fest‘ and how to teach a budgie to talk, emphasizing the importance of repetition and positive reinforcement.

The segment also covers practical aspects, such as the cost of owning a budgie. They highlight that you can achieve a basic setup for a pet budgie for under $100. Thus making it a truly affordable option for pet lovers seeking meaningful interaction and deep bonds with their pets.

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