6PR Perth Interview

Uncovering the Secrets of Budgie Grooming on 6PR’s THE NIGHTSHIFT

Listen to 6PR’s very own Tod Johnston for an intriguing conversation with Troy Holmes, the President of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA). In this captivating segment of THE NIGHTSHIFT, they delve into the quirky and fascinating world of preparing exhibition budgerigars for shows. Discover why dedicated enthusiasts, including bearded stoic men, equip themselves with hair dryers, baby oil, and grooming kits as they meticulously prepare their beloved budgies for the National titles.

Tod and Troy explore the intricate art of budgie breeding, the dynamics of bird sales, and the deep-seated passion that people keep for these charming birds. Their engaging discussion offers insights into the dedication and love required in the care of these feathered companions.

And don’t miss the amusing miscalculation – turns out a 12 x 6 aviary doesn’t equal 48 square meters!

Tune in for a blend of humor, expertise, and fascinating stories about these beloved birds.


Talking Budgerigar’s with Troy Holmes on THE NIGHTSHIFT – The Nightshift with Tod Johnston – Omny.fm

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