ABC Northern Tasmania May 24

Kim Napier from ABC Northern Tasmania spoke with Budgerigar Council of South Australia President, Troy Holmes about the benefits of joining your local budgerigar club.

In a world that’s struggling to find connection, joining local and community clubs is back in vogue, and Budgie clubs should be right up there on your list. “I joined my local club as a teenager,” Troy says. “I still remember the thrill of learning from experienced breeders , discovering the different budgie colours and soaking up their knowledge. You’re immersed in that village that it takes to raise a kid. I felt like I was part of something and looked forward to meetings every month. There’s a whole world to be discovered, with a passionate and committed network of people. Breeding budgies combines scientific interest, artistic expression, social engagement, and a therapeutic escape from the stress of daily life. It’s a rewarding hobby, and being part of a community offers social connections, plus the competitive aspect of breeding adds excitement and a real sense of achievement.”

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Kim Napier

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