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Welcome to our premier destination for finding birds for sale. Whether you’re an experienced bird enthusiast or a first-time bird owner, the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) have a wide variety online and in person events where you will find feathered companions that will surely steal your heart. Our selection of birds via online and in-person auctions ensures you’ll find the perfect avian friend to bring joy and delight to your life. Discover our curated collection of birds for sale in our online and in-person auctions, and let your feathered adventure begin!

BSSA Auction 5 2024

BSSA Auction 5 2024

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Mal Lawn John Boss

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Glenn Sinclair 2024 Auction

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Why Choose The BCSA as Your Destination For Birds?

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Diverse Collection: We maintain a comprehensive inventory of events where you will find birds for sale, from the charming pet budgies to exhibition specimens. To that end, whatever bird you fancy, rest assured we’ve got events across Australia covered.

Expert Advice: Our team of avian enthusiasts are here to assist you throughout your bird journey. We provide valuable insights, tips, and guidance to ensure you and your new feathered friend start off on the right foot. And if you migrate into breeding budgerigars, we can help you there too, while providing you with coded club-rings to help identify your birds. We also have a quarterly magazine, Chatter, that provides valuable insights into all thing’s budgies.

Our Birds for Sale:

Some may ask, why choose Budgerigars as pets, or for breeding as an exhibition hobby? Here’s a few great reasons.

Charming Personalities: There is nothing more therapeutic than caring for an animal. To that end, whatever you choose to call them, budgerigars, budgies or shell parakeets, are renowned for their captivating personalities. These small and social birds quickly form strong bonds with their owners and provide endless entertainment with their playful antics.

Diverse Colors: Our diverse range of in-person and online auctions includes a variety of budgerigars in stunning colors, from classic blue and green to vibrant yellows and pied patterns. Find the budgie that matches your preferences and complements your home, or brings that illusive feature into your exhibition stud.

Low Maintenance: Budgerigars are relatively easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for both experienced bird owners and first-timers. Moreover, with the right care and attention, these charming birds can become cherished members of your family.

Talking Ability: While not all budgies talk, some can develop an impressive vocabulary and mimic sounds. Discover the joy of communicating with your budgie as they respond to your words and affection.

Bird Care Resources: We care about the well-being of our birds even after they find their forever homes. Find valuable bird care resources on our website to ensure your companion lives a happy and healthy life.


Finding the perfect bird for sale has never been easier! At the BCSA we take pride in offering a diverse collection of online and in-person auctions from across Australia where you will find birds for sale. Let our team of avian enthusiasts assist you in finding your ideal feathered companion. Experience the joy of owning a bird and create unforgettable memories together. Begin your bird-ownership journey today! Happy bird shopping!

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