BSSA Murphy Classic 2024

Future Champions Show

Welcome to the BSSA Murphy Classic for 2024. A show dedicated to Novice and Intermediate breeders, with great prize money on offer.

Event: Budgerigar Society of South Australia Show
Date: Sunday, April 7, 2024
Location: Westbourne Park Memorial Hall, 388 Goodwood Road, Westbourne Park


  • The show operates under the BSSA’s rules and is a Status movement show.
    Spotting birds is not required but recommended.
    Entry Fee: $1 per bird, up to a maximum of $20.


  • Deadline: On the day or via direct debit (BSSA BSB 105-073, Account 286290440).
  • Email entries to [email protected]
  • Contact: George England at 0418 819 705 for questions.
  • Payment: On the day or via direct debit (BSSA BSB 105-073, Account 286290440).

Special Offer:

  • Exhibitors with 15 or more birds, traveling over 100 km to the show, get $25 compensation.


  • Benching starts at 8:30 AM, judging begins at 9:30 AM.
  • Trophy presentation at 1:00 PM.

Additional Information Inc. Cage Requirements

Cage Requirements:

  • Use standard Show Cages approved by the BSSA, either chrome or powder coated.
  • Cages must contain a D drinker with seed mix (equal parts canary, jap millet, and white millet) on the bottom wire near the door.
  • Include a dry drinker positioned four spaces from the left and level with the perch.
  • Line the cage floor with white paper or plastic.
  • Place entry stickers on the bottom left corner of the cage.

Additional Information:

  • Extra show cages are available upon request from the Show Manager.
  • A minimum of four birds is needed to form a class; classes may be combined as necessary.
  • The Safety officer will inspect cages for health and safety; problematic cages may be disqualified.
  • All entries are at the owner’s risk, though the Show Committee will ensure due care.


  • Every entry benched earns a raffle ticket for a chance to win a quality 2023 ringed bird from an Open breeder, drawn at the trophy presentation.
  • More entries increase your chances of winning.

BSSA Murphy Classic 2024 Event Feature:

A BBQ sausage sizzle will be provided for attendees.

Trophy List and Awards

Major Award Judge:
Wayne Weidenhofer

Major Sponsor:
Avian Vitality

Intermediate Category:

  • Champion Young Bird: Trophy & $50
  • Reserve Champion Young Bird: Trophy & $15
  • Champion Old Bird: Trophy & $25
  • Reserve Champion Old Bird: Trophy & $15

Novice Category:

  • Champion Young Bird: Trophy & $50
  • Reserve Champion Young Bird: Trophy & $15
  • Champion Old Bird: Trophy & $25
  • Reserve Champion Old Bird: Trophy & $15

Best of Variety Awards (Intermediate & Novice Combined):
Each winner receives a Diploma & $20. Categories include:

Best Green, Greygreen, Blue, Visual Violet, Grey, Yellow Faced Blue, Australian Yellow Faced Blue, Black Eyed Self, Dilute, Lutino, Albino, Dark Eyed Clear, Clearwing, Greywing, Cinnamonwing, Spangle D/F, Opaline, Opaline AOSV, Clearbody, Lacewing, Fallow, Spangle, Spangle AOSV, Dominant Pied, Recessive Pied, Crested, Australian White Cap, AOSV/NSV

Show Manager’s Novice Award:

  • Awarded for the Most Accumulated Points


BSSA Murphy Classic 2024 Class Schedule

  1. Normal Green Series (Young Cock/Hen)                         29.       Cinnamonwing ASC (Young Cock/Hen)
  2. Normal Green Series (Old Cock/Hen)                         30.       Cinnamonwing ASC (Old Cock/Hen)
  3. Normal Greygreen (Young Cock/Hen)                                     31.       Spangle Double Factor (Young Cock/Hen)
  4. Normal Greygreen (Old Cock/Hen)                                     32.       Spangle Double Factor (Old Cock/Hen)
  5. Normal Blue Series (Young Cock/Hen)                         33.       Opaline ASC (Young Cock/Hen)
  6. Normal Blue Series (Old Cock/Hen)                         34.       Opaline ASC (Old Cock/Hen)
  7. Normal Visual Violet (Young Cock/Hen)                         35.       Opaline AOSV ASC (Young Cock/Hen)
  8. Normal Visual Violet (Old Cock/Hen)                         36.       Opaline AOSV ASC (Old Cock/Hen
  9. Normal Grey (Young Cock/Hen)                                                 37.       Clearbody ASC (Young Cock/Hen)
  10. Normal Grey (Old Cock/Hen)                                     38.       Clearbody ASC (Old Cock/Hen)
  11. Normal Yellow Face Blue ASC (Young Cock/Hen) 39.       Lacewing ASC (Young Cock/Hen)
  12. Normal Yellow Face Blue ASC (Old Cock/Hen)             40.       Lacewing ASC (Old Cock/Hen)
  13. Normal Aust. G/F Blue ASC (Young Cock/Hen) 41.  Fallow (includes Opaline) (Young Cock/Hen)
  14. Normal Aust. G/F Blue ASC (Old Cock/Hen) 42.       Fallow (includes Opaline) (Old Cock/Hen)
  15. Black Eyed Self (Young Cock/Hen)                                     43.       Spangle Normal ASC (Young Cock/Hen)
  16. Black Eyed Self (Old Cock/Hen)                                     44.       Spangle Normal ASC (Old Cock/Hen)
  17. Dilute (Young Cock/Hen)                                                             45. Spangle AOSV (Young Cock/Hen)
  18. Dilute (Old Cock/Hen)                                                             46. Spangle AOSV (Old Cock/Hen)
  19. Lutino (Young Cock/Hen)                                                             47.       Dominant Pied ASC/ASV (Young Cock/Hen)
  20. Lutino (Old Cock/Hen)                                                             48.       Dominant Pied ASC/ASV (Old Cock/Hen)
  21. Albino (Young Cock/Hen)                                                             49.       Recessive Pied ASC/ASV (Young Cock/Hen)
  22. Albino (Old Cock/Hen)                                                             50.       Recessive Pied ASC/ASV (Old Cock/Hen)
  23. Dark Eyed Clear (Young Cock/Hen)                                     51.       Crested ASC/ASV (Young Cock/Hen)
  24. Dark Eyed Clear (Old Cock/Hen)                                     52.       Crested ASC/ASV (Old Cock/Hen)
  25. Clearwing ASC (Young Cock/Hen)                                     53.       Australian White Cap (Young Cock/Hen)
  26. Clearwing ASC (Old Cock/Hen)                                     54.       Australian White Cap (Old Cock/Hen)
  27. Greywing ASC (Young Cock/Hen)                                     55 .      AOSV/NSV (Young Cock/Hen)
  28. Greywing ASC (Old Cock/Hen)                                     56.       AOSV/NSV (Old Cock/Hen)

Young Cock/Hen is a Blue ANBC rung bird. Old Cock/Hen is any other coloured ANBC rung bird.

ASC — Any Standard Colour               ASV — Any Standard Variety              AOSV —  Any Other Standard Variety NSV —  Non Standard Variety

Classes 55 and 56 includes Dark Wing, Saddleback, Cinnamonwing Clearwings and Cinnamonwing Greywings, Rainbows, and all Yellow Faced/ Golden Faced combinations. Yellow faced combinations are not to be entered in CIass15 to Class 52 in an attempt to eliminate yellow intrusion and to assist Judges.

Entry Form for BSSA Murphy Classic 2024

To lodge your entry form, fill in the class schedule number and variety description for each entry together with your details at the bottom of the form. Once completed please email it to the Show Manager at [email protected] Stickers with allocated cage numbers will be sent to the address indicated on at the bottom of the form prior to the show. Please print the form and write the cage number on your entry form to facilitate collection at the end of the show.


Class Cage No Variety Result
I hereby submit my entries for the show subject to the Rules and Regulations of the BSSA
Phone No:
Amount to be paid on show day:


To RSVP for the event, use the Facebook event link.

BSSA Murphy Classic 2024