BSSA Stan Watson Show 2024

Budgerigar Society of South Australia Inc.
BSSA Stan Watson Breeders Show 2024
Date: Sunday, May 5th, 2024
Location: Westbourne Park Memorial Hall, 388 Goodwood Road, Westbourne Park

BSSA Stan Watson Breeders Show 2024 Overview

Join us for a prestigious event in the bird breeding calendar. Open to all financial members of any Bird Society, this BCSA Status Movement show operates under the show rules of the BSSA. To that end, ensure your entries, exclusively owner-bred and ringed with a 2023 Blue ANBC closed ring, align with our exacting criteria.

Exhibit Guidelines:

Birds Presentation: Firstly, all birds must remain until the presentation at 1:30 PM.
Entry Requirements: Exhibits should be housed in standard Show Cages (chrome or powder-coated permitted) and meet health and preparation standards to be admitted.
Feeding & Care: Equip cages with a white D cup, half-filled with seed (specific mix detailed below), and a dry drinker positioned as specified. Ensure all cages have a white paper or plastic insert on the floor.
Judging & Schedule:

Benching Time: From 8:30 AM
Judging Start: 9:30 AM
Entries Close: Sunday, April 29th, 2024, at 8:00 PM. Send to Show Manager George England at [email protected].
Fees: $1.00 per bird for the first 20 entries. Additional entries free. Plus $1.50 for postage, payable at the door.

Awards & Prizes:

Grand Champion: Stan Watson Patron Trophy
Various other categories include champions and reserves across multiple classes, with details on trophy sponsors and prize specifics provided below. Furthermore, lunch is provided.

Hot Weather Policy:
To that end, if temperatures are forecasted to be 32°C or higher on the show day (as reported by Channel 7 – 6:00 PM news the prior evening), the event will be canceled. Exhibitors are responsible for checking the forecast.

BSSA Stan Watson 2024 Entry & Trophy Details:

Detailed trophy list and class schedule included below. To that end, trophies and prize allocations may be adjusted based on entry numbers at the discretion of the Show Committee.
Finally, all birds are exhibited at the owner’s risk, though the Show Committee will exercise all due diligence in the care of the exhibits.

Seed Mix Requirement:
Only equal parts Canary, Jap, and White Millet are permitted.

BSSA Stan Watson Show 2024

Additional Notes:

Firstly, ensure timely and accurate completion and submission of your entry form as detailed instructions are provided below.
To that end, cage stickers will be mailed to the address provided in the entry form.

Contact Information:
Finally, for more information or to submit entries, contact Show Manager George England via email at [email protected].

Class Schedule & Detailed Trophy List Available Below.

Stan Watson 2024

BSSA Stan Watson Show 2024

BSSA Stan Watson Show 2024