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BCSA Budgie Bulletin: Weekly Wrap & Look Ahead

Welcome to our weekly budgie bulletin, designed to keep you in the loop with the latest budgerigar news in South Australia and beyond. This bulletin aims to complement our Chatter Magazine, offering timely updates and insights without overshadowing our flagship publication. We thank those of you who have taken the time to write in and share know your thoughts on this 2024 initiative, which have been overwhelmingly positive.

Around the State this week, the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) successfully convened for their annual meeting on Tuesday evening. The highlight of the event was an engaging presentation covering innovative bird room designs and the captivating journeys of two member’s budgerigars, which was well received by the attendees. It was a notable event, drawing an impressive turnout of over 30 members and guests. The AGM also saw the appointment of Bryce Wheaton to the BSSA committee and Janet Harris as the Social Officer, marking changes to the leadership group in Unley.

Further developments within the budgerigar community include a leadership transition in Port Pirie, where Graham McCallum has been appointed as one of the four PPBS representatives to the Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA), succeeding outgoing representative Peter Glassenbury. While stepping down from his previous role, Peter will continue to serve on the Council as the elected Judges Representative. This change signifies a fresh perspective in leadership while maintaining continuity in experience and expertise. We extend a warm welcome to Graham and express our deep gratitude to Peter for his continued contribution and commitment to Council.

Auctions & Budgie Sales:

The recent live budgerigar auction in Warrnambool, Victoria, marked a tremendous success this past weekend, signaling a promising future for what organiser’s anticipate will become an annual event. The auction’s success was bolstered by its social nature, making it a vibrant gathering for enthusiasts and participants alike. Hats off to the BCV and Colac Budgerigar Society for organising such a fantastic weekend. It was particularly heartening to see a number of fanciers from South Australia making the journey to lend their support, showcasing the strong community spirit that surrounds budgerigar events across the country.

On a related note, the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) successfully concluded its first online auction for the year 2024. These events are crucial to the Club’s ongoing success, with much of the funds raised being channeled back into the promotion of the hobby.

Looking ahead to this week, the budgerigar community has two online auctions offering birds for sale: the BSSA Online Auction 2 and the Sunshine Coast Auction 7. These events promise a continuation of the excitement and engagement seen in previous auctions, offering unique opportunities for enthusiasts to participate and connect from the comfort of their own homes.

  • BSSA Online Auctions: This week, dive into an exceptional collection of 18 birds, featuring a stunning array of varieties such as Dominant Pieds, Greywings, Normal Grey Greens, Opalines, Spangles, and Whitecaps. The BSSA are proud to present birds from renowned vendors like Graham McCallum, Marie & Kerry Murphy, Sue Adams, Ken & Janet Harris, George England and Tony Van Den Brink. Ends Sunday evening.


  • Sunshine Coast Online Auction:  This prestigious event showcases an exclusive selection of 30 budgerigars, curated from the esteemed aviaries of Tony & Sylvia Appleton, the Boal Family, Ron Melbourne, Charles & Ann Mifsud, Dave Taylor, Hedra Kamel, John Ennis, and Josh Portch. Their auction features a diverse array of varieties, including Dominant Pied, Opaline Cinnamon-wings, Split Dilutes, and Lacewings, among others. Ends Sunday.


Club Calendar:
As we take a look around the Clubs, the next meeting in February in South Australia will be hosted by the North East Budgerigar Society (NEBS).

  • North East Monthly Meeting: Presented by Dennis Lomman and scheduled for February 14th, this meeting will delve into the exhibition budgerigar’s standards and historical changes. Follow the journey of the exhibition budgerigar, beginning with its wild ancestors millions of years ago, to its world-wide distribution and early exhibition days, through to the birds of today with a look into the future. Join the North East for what promises to be an exciting event – RSVP using the Facebook event link below.


  • BSSA Monthly Meeting: Join the BSSA on March 5th at the Unley Community Centre at 18 Arthur Street Unley @ 7.30pm. Their March meeting will include a guest speaker from the Avicultural Society.  Each year the BSSA have one meeting where they invite a guest speaker from the wider avicultural fancy in South Australia to talk to members about their passion.  It is amazing what we can learn from the non-budgie aviculturists! Further information to be provided closer to the date.



  • Port Pirie Club: Mark your calendars for mid-March for a meeting and aviary tour at Doug & Ruth Lange’s place on the Yorke Peninsula. Visit the Port Pirie Facebook group for all the latest information on What’s On.


This Week In The Media:
  • In an exclusive interview with ABC South West WA, Dominique Bayens sits down with Troy Holmes, the President of the BCSA, to delve into the inspiring story behind his first National victory and his lifelong passion for budgerigars. This remarkable achievement was sparked by an unexpected turn when Troy’s son, Thomas, took under his wing an orphaned budgie, leading them to their first National level win in the competitive world of budgerigar breeding here in Australia. This compelling narrative is not just about the triumph at the National level but also highlights the deep bond between father and son, as they navigate the challenges and joys of raising budgerigars as the Holmes Family. Their story is a testament to dedication, care, and the pursuit of excellence in the realm of budgerigar keeping. Follow the link below to listen to the interview.


ANBC Nationals Spotlight:
  • Budgerigar Council of Tasmania Updates: If you haven’t already, be sure to register for the Nationals in Tasmania. Registration is essential. There is also a wealth of tours on offer, and these only go ahead with pre-registrations. There is something for everyone, with wine and cheese tastings, visits to Cradle Mountain, and many more opportunities to make the trip to Tasmania one you won’t forget. Use the link below to register.


  • Lucky Squares National Pair: The BCT have confirmed that they’re likely to draw the Jeffrey Leong Lucky Squares pair this weekend at Devonport Show on Saturday. Tickets are fully sold out, however there will be some further Lucky Squares birds on offer in the coming weeks in the lead up to the Launceston Nationals. For those who have purchased tickets in support of the Nationals, keep your ear out Saturday afternoon for the results.

In Closing
We hope this budgie bulletin serves as a valuable resource, keeping our community informed and engaged. Your feedback and contributions are always welcome as we strive to celebrate and support our shared passion for budgies.

Show Dates for 2024


  • Sunday, 7 April 2024, BSSA Murphy Classic, Westbourne Park Community Centre – 388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park
  • Sunday, 5 May 2024, BSSA Stan Watson Breeder’s Show, Westbourne Park Community Centre – 388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park
  • Saturday, 11 May 2024, PPBS Harry Johnson Young Bird Show, Crystal Brook Council Hall
  • Sunday, 12 May 2024, NEBS Lloyd Edwards Breeder Show,49 LeHunte St, Kilburn
  • Sunday, 19 May 2024, BCSA Logan Shield Interbranch, Enfield Community Centre, Regency Road, Enfield
  • Saturday, 25 May 2024, ANBC National Titles, Launceston, Tasmania
  • Sunday, 26 May 2024, ANBC National Titles, Launceston, Tasmania
  • Saturday, 22 June 2024, NEBS Fisher Annual Show, 49 LeHunte St, Kilburn
  • Sunday, 30 June 2024, PPBS Hutchinson’s Annual Show, Crystal Brook Council Hall
  • Sunday, 7 July 2024, BSSA Ron Norman Show, Westbourne Park Community Centre –388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park
  • Saturday, 20 July 2024, BCSA Auction & AGM, Enfield Community Centre, Regency Road, Enfield
  • Sunday, 27 October 2024, BSSA/NEBS Interclub Nest Feather Challenge, Westbourne Park Community Centre – 388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park






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