Chatter Magazine Autumn 2023

Chatter Magazine Autumn 2023 (Volume 1, Edition 2)

This Autumn 2023 Edition of Chatter Magazine May 2023 includes some great content. We are excited to bring you the second edition of Chatter, the new magazine from the BCSA.

The developers created the magazine for exhibition budgerigar enthusiasts, but they also included color-coded areas for Exhibiting, Genetics, Pet Birds, and a Novice Corner, hoping to provide something for everyone. We’ve also included a judging competition, for those with a keen eye. We’ve also interviewed local enthusiast, Ian Jenke and his passion for the Crested Budgerigar. Jane Kelb has also written the Novice corner for this magazine. Chatter also features a great article on the mellanistic spangle, that is very topical at the moment. Furthermore, there is a section on teaching your pet budgerigar to talk, as we cater for budgerigar enthusiasts from the pet owner, right through to the exhibition fancier.

We hope you enjoy this magazine, as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. Furthermore, we’d love your contributions for the next one. You’re welcome to send any articles to [email protected] for inclusion for future editions.

Until our next edition, Happy Breeding!

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Chatter Autumn 2023 Magazine Cover