Chatter Magazine Spring 2023

Welcome to Chatter Magazine Spring 2023

Warm greetings as we welcome you to the fourth edition of Chatter Magazine Spring 2023, our quarterly publication from The Budgerigar Council of South Australia.

Currently, we are experiencing an extraordinary season in South Australia! So extraordinary, indeed, that our Spring edition of “Chatter” is now arriving in the early days of Summer, although the weather outside may read very differently with the storms we’ve experienced over the past week!

Recently, these months have been abuzz with a plethora of activities, encompassing remarkable meetings and festive Christmas events hosted by our clubs.

In this current edition, we are excited to present a diverse range of captivating topics. Initially, we embark on a visit to the aviaries of Bob Simpson from the Port Pirie Club. Secondly, we immerse ourselves in the complexities of black-eyed self, dilute, clearwing, and greywing genetics. Then, we shift our focus to bird room design, where Marcel Buhler reveals his process of transforming his bird room into a containerised setup, along with the essential considerations involved.

Subsequently, our exploration extends overseas as we take a look at the aviaries of Paul Reimann. In a relevant and timely feature, we delve into “Santa’s Best Kept Secret” – the delight of gifting a budgie for Christmas. We explore the benefits of a budgie as a companion pet, particularly significant in the current cost of living crisis, underscoring their affordability and engaging nature.

Finally, we journey around the Clubs to get an update on recent developments and to glimpse what awaits in 2024.

Anticipating our next edition of Chatter, I wish you all a successful and enjoyable breeding season!

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Chatter Magazine Spring 2023

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