Chatter Magazine Summer 2024

Welcome to Chatter Magazine Summer 2024!

Welcome to the Summer edition of Chatter Magazine for 2024, your quarterly publication from The Budgerigar Council of South Australia.

In this issue, we’re thrilled to present a diverse array of engaging topics. We begin by taking a nostalgic journey back in time to discover what sparked our President’s passion for budgies as a child and delve into his personal backstory. Then, John Mulley helps us explore the intricate world of genetics, focusing on the structural basis underlying these fascinating traits, and what they mean to budgies.

Turning our gaze overseas, we feature an enlightening article from the esteemed Ali Bouresli, detailing his meticulous process of recapping his “owl feature” trait. Ali has won Best in Show six years running in Kuwait, after having only been in the hobby for eight years, and his birds are now being imported back into Europe and the UK for their notable and unique features.

Diving into our Pet Corner, we provide valuable insights into purchasing your first budgie, covering essential considerations such as cage sizes and what to anticipate from these delightful creatures. Additionally, Ian Wise shares invaluable wisdom on navigating the realm of bird breeding, offering heartfelt advice from one former Novice breeder to another in our Novice corner.

Lastly, we journey through the Clubs to provide you with updates and provide a sneak peek into the exciting prospects for 2024. Notably, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming 50th birthday celebrations of North East Budgerigar Society (NEBS) in April, where they’ll have the esteemed Adelaide News icon, Graeme Goodings, as the guest presenter for the evening. Graeme pledges to lead us on a captivating and nostalgic journey, delving into how South Australia has evolved over the 50 years since NEBS was founded. Fifty years in the making, this event will be a night not to be missed, and the North East urges fanciers from all Clubs to attend this landmark event.

For those of you who have subscribed to the hard copy of Chatter, your issue should arrive within the week. If you have subscribed and encounter any issues with delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, as we transition away from bulk hard copy sending, to subscribers only. For those who haven’t subscribed yet, it’s not too late to join the flock! Simply use the link here to subscribe for $50 per calendar year, and have Chatter conveniently delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. To those of you who have subscribed, a heartfelt thanks for your support and endorsement of this Council initiative.

Wishing you all a successful and enjoyable breeding season!

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Chatter Magazine Summer Edition 2024