Chatter Magazine Winter 2023

Chatter Magazine Winter 2023 (Volume 1, Edition 3)

Delve into the Winter 2023 Edition of Chatter Magazine! Chatter Magazine Winter 2023 issue is brimming with exciting content tailored for budgerigar enthusiasts, brought to you by the BCSA. Presenting the third installment of Chatter, our newly minted magazine encompasses color-coded sections for Exhibiting, Genetics, Pet Birds, Novice Corner, Fancier in Focus, and introduces an Overseas section. To that end, it ensures a comprehensive read for all.

Test your skills in our judging competition or immerse yourself in exclusive interviews with local enthusiasts Ken and Janet Harris, the latest South Australians to join the elite National Winners circle. Gain insights from Nigel Tonkin as he explores the inception of the pictorial standard in the Novice Corner. Additionally, discover the secret to managing yellow pigmentation in birds. Finally. explore the mental wellness benefits of having a budgerigar as a companion animal.

Catering to budgerigar enthusiasts across the spectrum, from pet owners to exhibition aficionados, we trust you will find immense value and enjoyment in this issue. Moreover, we invite you to contribute to our forthcoming editions by submitting your articles to [email protected].

Until our next edition, we wish you Happy Breeding!

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Chatter Winter 2023, Chatter Volume 1 No 3