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Why Budgies Make Great Mental Health Companions

Check out Curtain FM Jenny Seaton’s interview with BCSA President Troy Holmes on why Budgies are great for your mental health.

An Adelaide budgie enthusiast tells us why spending time with his 400 budgies is the most relaxing part of his day. “There are few things more therapeutic than caring for an animal. Tending and caring for a bird, or in my case, 400 of them, encourages mindfulness and relaxation. It requires you to be present” says Budgerigar Council of South Australia President Troy Holmes. “Their natural beauty and chatter can be a great distractor from the stressors of the day” says Troy, who works in the fast paced robotics industry by day. “Selecting pairs for breeding is also an art form that requires aesthetic considerations, as much as genetic understanding of how the progeny of two birds may look”.

He goes on to say that “There is some real creativity in breeding a visually appealing budgie, that has all the right behavioural traits, and excellent health and vitality, and I love that challenge.”

Curtain FM Interview