Kelwyn Kakoschke | Life Membership

Kelwyn Kakoschke Life Membership

The ratification of Kelwyn Kakoschke as a Life Member of the Budgerigar Council of South Australia, Inc – the generational breeding success of this member is nothing short of legendary. The BCSA honors Kelwyn Kakoschke with Life Membership for his extraordinary efforts to raise the organization’s and State’s profile on the National stage. Since the BCSA’s inception, his birds have consistently made up 20–40% of the team representing the Council at the Nationals, attracting outcomes that have significantly boosted South Australia’s points score as a State.

Kelwyn has articulated success in wide range of successful varieties, and his wins at the national competition have been remarkable. In fact, he is the only person to be in the Hall of Fame breeder’s excellence division twice, one as his own name (K & J Kakoschke), and once as a partnership Kakoschke & Rice. His knowledge and experience as a judge have helped many others, both in Judging Schools before the Council was established, and at the first judging school after the BCSA inception, when he played a pivotal part in training roughly 30 aspiring judges who began the 18-month course. Along with other SA luminaries George Duffield and Gordon Lowe, his knowledge of Budgerigars was instrumental in developing the first ANBC Standard.


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