BSSA Dr Kevin Eatwell Presentation

BSSA Dr Kevin Eatwell Presentation

Our next meeting is Tuesday 5 September, and we have a very special guest, Dr Kevin Eatwell. Dr Kev is very well-known UK veterinarian who specializes in birds and small mammals.

Kevin is an exhibition breeder and exhibitor of budgies in the UK, and his biography is below for all to read.

Kevin will be joining us live on Zoom from the UK.

BSSA Dr Kevin Eatwell


Kevin has a wide base of experience and has been active within the field for over 25 years. He has worked for first opinion and referral non-native veterinary practices, zoological collections, wildlife hospitals and for commercial clinical pathology laboratories. To that end, Kevin is one of the few veterinarians to have achieved diplomate & RCVS specialist status, whilst in private practice. Moreover, Kevin is a recognised specialist in Zoological Medicine by the RCVS and a recognised veterinary specialist by the ECZM. Kevin holds three diplomas one in zoological medicine, one in herpetological medicine and one in small mammal medicine.

Kevin’s primary interests cover a wide base of non-native animal species. These include reptile medicine and surgery. He mentors residents in this field for the European College of Zoological Medicine and has published many papers in this area collaborating with his residents. He keeps and breeds Tunisian tortoises at home.

Kevin also has a keen interest in avian medicine and surgery. His family have been keen aviculturists and Kevin has kept birds since he was 12 years old. To that end, he currently keeps a variety of South Asian Soft bills and with his family maintain an exhibition stud of budgerigars. He advises the UK based Budgerigar Society.

Further Information on Dr Kevin Eatwell

Kevin and his family have long been involved with the pet trade and this with his experiences as a fancier has given him a unique insight into how veterinary care can be applied in a variety of situations and the limitations dealing with the commercial sector.

Dr Eatwell also regularly speaks at local, national and international club and society meetings both in person and online.

Kevin joined the team at the Royal Dick Veterinary School in 2008. He expanded the depth/breadth of knowledge and level of care for all first opinion and non-native patients. Furthermore, Kevin has increased the teaching outputs of the team to an undergraduate and postgraduate audience and knowledge transfer worldwide.

Bachelor of Science, University of Bristol

Award Date: 1 Jan 1995