PPBS Breeder Show 2024

The Port Pirie Budgerigar Society (PPBS) is hosting the Harry Johnson Young Stock (Breeder) Show for 2024.

Date: Sunday, May 12, 2024
Location: Crystal Brook Institute, 26 Bowman Street, Crystal Brook

About the PPBS Breeder Show 2024:

Open to all members in good standing with Pt Pirie or any other Bird Society.
Conducted under Pt. Pirie Budgerigar Society Inc. rules.
May attain BCSA Status Movement Show designation if entries are sufficient.


Bird placement: 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Judging begins: 10:15 AM sharp
No bird removal before 2:30 PM, unless directed by Show Manager.

Entry Information:

Entry closure: 5:00 PM, Friday, May 3, 2024, with Show Manager.
Show Manager: Bob Simpson, 12 Barkla Street, Kadina 5554, or [email protected]. Phone: 0407189975.
Entry Fee: $1.00 per entry (first 20 entries; additional entries free), payable on show day.
Late entries accepted at $1.00 per bird until 7:00 PM, Thursday, May 9, 2024.
Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for entry stickers return.

Health and Safety:

A safety officer may reject any entry for signs of illness, deformity, or unsuitable cages.

Cage and Feed Specifications:

Use standard cages approved by Pt. Pirie Budgerigar Society.
Allowed feed: equal parts of Canary, Jap Millet, and White Millet; limited to one kitchen measuring cup.
Approved plastic drinker required in each cage.


Complimentary tea and coffee.
Meals available for pre-order from the local hotel.

PPBS Breeder Show 2024 Awards:

Trophies and diplomas for Grand Champion, Best Opposite To Champion, Best Intermediate Bird, Best Novice Bird, Diplomas will be awarded for Top 10 birds, as well as Intermediate and Novice Best Opposite To Champion. Aggregate awards adjudged at Annual Show in July.

Entry Categories:

Port Pirie Budgerigar Society Show Schedule 2024
ASC is any standard colour, while ASV is any standard variety. AOSV is any other standard variety, while NSV is non-standard varieties.

Mark entries with “I” for Intermediate, “N” for Novice, and “J” for Junior as applicable.

Port Pirie Budgerigar Society Young Stock Show Entry Form

Additional Notes:

All participants are encouraged to assist with event cleanup.
Entry complies with A.N.B.C. standards and matrix.