ABC Breakfast Interview Jan 2024

Kim Napier Interview

The President of the BCSA, Troy Holmes, recently had the opportunity to speak with Kim Napier from ABC Northern Tasmania on her popular morning Breakfast program. The conversation centered around the much-anticipated National titles. This is a significant event for budgie enthusiasts, especially in Tasmania, where the event will be hosted this year. Kim expressed excitement, learning that Tasmanian Jim Fletcher is among the four esteemed judges for the event in May 2024. Jim, with an impressive 34-year judging career, will be overseeing the Nationals for his sixth time. His resume extends to several overseas judging appointments, including Italy, South Africa, and England.

During the interview, Troy shared insights into the surprisingly relaxing aspect of caring for 400 budgies and discussed what it entails to exhibit a top-tier budgerigar.

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Kim Napier, ABC Northern Tasmania

The schedule sets the National Titles from Friday 24th May to Monday 27th May 2024. To that end, the show features on 25th – 26th May 2024 in Launceston Country Club Casino. Here, we feature a link to the BCT website, the hosts of the 2024 National Titles.

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