Anthony Starcevic Budgerigar Auction

Anthony Starcevic Online Budgerigar Auction

Open Breeder Anthony Starcevic is located in New South Wales, home to his stud of exhibition budgerigars. To this end, Anthony has had five birds selected to attend the ANBC National Titles, representing New South Wales. His accolades include:

  • At the Penrith Event in 2018, he finished in 11th place in the Lutino Class.
  • Finished in 3rd place in the Spangle AOSV Class at Victor Harbour in 2022, while also placing 6th in the Lutino Class at the same event.
  • Ballarat, 2023: Finished 13th in the violets and 14th in the Dominant Pied classes.

Anthony needs to get rid of some of his excess stock. His birds’ bloodline originates from a combination of birds that belonged to Jeff Foster, James Mathews, John Barden, and, more recently, Henry George. All of the birds are located in Wollongong, New South Wales. Anthony has indicated in his online auction that he is willing to transport the birds to the airport in Sydney for any customers from outside of the state.

There is a Facebook page called AS1 Budgerigars for anyone who has an interest in learning more about Anthony Starcevic and the exhibition budgerigars that he breeds. There will be videos of the birds for sale located within this group. For the link to that group, click below.

Anthony is located in Berkeley, New South Wales, 2506, and is contactable via phone number 0404698783


A link to the Auction can be found here 

The 32 Auctions platform is being used to run the auction at this time. Commences on the 10th of July and continues until 7 PM on the 16th of July, Australian Eastern Standard Time. Take into consideration that the possibility exists that the bidding will continue past 7:30 PM with the extended bidding function.

Anthony Starcevic Budgerigar Auction