Aussie Pet Connections Auction 19

About Aussie Pet Connections Auction #19

Aussie Pet Connections are excited to introduce the birds available from Clay Borg, Skivington, and McVilly & Thompson. Specifically, Aussie Pet Connections Auction 19 includes Cinnamons, Clearbodies, Dominant Pieds, Normal Greys, Spangle Double Factors, Spangles and Whitecaps.

These birds are graciously provided by individual sellers. However, it’s essential to note that all the information is sourced directly from the seller. Consequently, Aussie Pet Connections doesn’t assume responsibility for any discrepancies. Should there be any issues, they should be addressed directly with the seller. To that end, if you find yourself uncertain about the location, don’t hesitate to reach out to Carmel on 0400966738 for a discussion.

For those who emerge as successful bidders, there’s a streamlined process in place. In addition to the automatic email from 32auctions, we’ll promptly send another email containing bank details for payment upon the auction’s conclusion. It’s important to clarify that payments for the birds are directed straight to the seller, while payments related to freighting are handled by Aussie Pet Connections.

Aussie Pet Connections Auction 19

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Key Things to Keep in Mind

Firstly, payment is expected within 24 hours of the auction coming to an end. Secondly, and equally important, sellers won’t be facilitating bird drops at the airport. So, for those making purchases from interstate locations, it’s wise to factor in the freighting costs. Luckily, there’s an array of flight options available through either Qantas or Virgin. To simplify things for successful bidders, we’re capable of making a round trip on the same day to collect all birds, which can significantly save on road costs. This highlights the importance of prompt payments. For any inquiries about flight pricing or availability, Carmel is reachable at 0400 966 738. Rest assured, all freighting needs will be managed by Aussie Pet Connections.


About Aussie Pet Connections

Aussie Pet Connections prides itself on offering a highly personalized Pet Transportation experience. From road transport that serves both local and interstate clients to flights spanning across Australia—thanks to our established accounts with both QANTAS & VIRGIN AIRLINES—we’ve got it all covered. Being a family-owned business located conveniently near Melbourne Airport, our accessibility extends beyond regular hours, even during weekends. Furthermore, our extensive product range includes bird essentials, from seeds, medications, and supplements to toys, cages, and more. Notably, this is Aussie Pet Connections Auction 19 for 2023.


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