Aussie Pet Connections Auction

Exciting Bird Auction Announcement from Aussie Pet Connections

Aussie Pet Connections are thrilled to showcase a selection of birds from esteemed breeders Clay Borg, Skivington, and McVilly & Thompson. This auction represents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire birds from these renowned sources.

Bird Availability:

  • Birds are offered directly by the individual sellers.
  • Aussie Pet Connections provides information from the sellers and is not responsible for any discrepancies. All queries or issues should be addressed directly with the sellers.

Location Details:

  • Clay Borg & Skivington’s birds are located in The Basin, Victoria.
  • McVilly & Thompson’s birds are in Camberwell, Victoria.
  • For location clarifications, feel free to contact Carmel at 0400 966 738.

Payment Process:

  • Post-auction, winning bidders will receive an email from 32auctions, followed by another email from us with bank details for payment.
  • Payments for birds are made directly to the seller.
  • Payments for freighting are processed through Aussie Pet Connections.

Important Notices:

  • Payments are due within 24 hours of auction completion.
  • Sellers do not provide airport drop-off for birds. Buyers from interstate should consider freighting costs.
  • We offer round-trip same-day collection of all birds to save on road costs. Prompt payment ensures efficient freighting.
  • For information on flight pricing and availability, contact Carmel at 0400 966 738. Freighting services are managed by Aussie Pet Connections.

About Aussie Pet Connections:

As a family-owned business located near Melbourne Airport, Aussie Pet Connections specializes in personalized pet transportation. We cater to both local and interstate clients and offer flight arrangements across Australia with QANTAS and VIRGIN AIRLINES. Our services extend beyond transport; we also supply a variety of bird products including seeds, medications, supplements, toys, cages, and more. We are committed to providing exceptional service and are available after hours and on weekends.

Join us in this exciting auction and take the opportunity to add exceptional birds to your collection, while experiencing the top-notch services offered by Aussie Pet Connections.


A Link to the Aussie Pet Connections Auction can be found here.

Aussie Pet Connections Auction