BCSA Auction 2023

BCSA Auction 2023

The Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) is pleased to present its 2023 Auction catalogue. The catalogue is jam packed with quality budgerigars from some of Australia’s best breeders. The auction is South Australia’s Premier Live Auction of Budgerigars. To that end, the BSCA Auction 2023 includes birds from: Jason & Wayne Weidenhofer (5); Jeffrey Leong (Vic) (6); Troy Holmes (10); Mick & Deb Gearing (WA) (8); Garry & Helen Hibberd (Qld) (6); Cye Travers (NSW) (6); Peter Glassenbury (10); Geoff Edwards (10); Dennis Lomman (10); Doug & Ruth Lange (10); Malcolm Loveridge (18); Graham McCullum (8); George England (10); Boal Family (Qld) (5); Kelwyn Kakoschke (6); John Spicer (NSW) (3); Rae Nelson (Vic); (9) Trish Kelly (Vic) (10); Lloyd & Helen Edwards (6); Kerry & Marie Murphy (6); and the Pt Pirie Budgie Society (7).

BCSA Auction 2023

Details of the BCSA Auction 2023

Viewing commences at 9:00 AM, and the auction at 10:15 AM sharp. Location is Enfield Community Centre, Regency Road, Enfield, SA. Phone bidding is available, and credit card facilities are available at a nominal surcharge.

A link to the Auction is provided here SA Catalogue 2023

Notes to Vendors in the BCSA Auction 2023

  1. Any bird/s presented showing obvious signs of deformity, sickness or disease in the opinion of both the Auction Coordinator and the Safety Officer shall be removed from the auction staging to a predetermined ‘quarantine’ area.
  2. The Auction Coordinator will notify the Vendor with respect to the reason for non-acceptance and the requirement to remove the bird/s from the venue.
  3. During the course of the Auction any bird may be de-benched and ‘quarantined’ if in the opinion of both the Auction Coordinator and the Safety Officer it is deemed that its condition has changed such to warrant removal. In this instance, the previous clause applies.
  4. The need to remove a bird from the auction on the basis of deformity, sickness or disease shall be made with reference to the Disqualification clauses of The Standard and in particular “Symptom of illness” “Presence of Mites” “Presence of Lice” and the “Deformity or injury”
  5. In the best interests of the hobby, it is expected that birds with any other known or suspected problems will not be placed in the auction without written disclosure clearly attached to the front of the cage.
  6. Any substitute birds not meeting the age requirements for the auction will not be accepted

Notes to Purchases in the BCSA Auction 2023

  1. Each purchaser will be required to register prior to entering the auction room. Each purchaser will receive a bidder’s
  2. The bidder’s number will be required to purchase any lots at auction and must be shown to the auctioneer after the fall of the hammer.
  3. Judging sticks and carry cages will not be allowed into the auction room.
  4. Birds must not be interfered with or subjected to sticks, pens or similar objects.
  5. All lots will be submitted in the order in which they appear in the catalogue.
  6. However, if necessary the BCSA reserves any right to make any alterations, additions or deletions to this.
  7. All conditions and warranties expressed or implied by law are hereby excluded and as all lots are open for inspection prior to commencement of the sale, the same are sold with all faults, if any, therefore no compensation shall be made in respect of any fault or imperfection or error of description of any lots sold or otherwise.
  8. Upon the fall of the hammer each lot shall be at the purchaser’s risk.
  9. Subject to the vendor and auctioneer having the right to bid, the highest bidder shall be the purchaser.
  10. In the event of any dispute, the lot in dispute shall be put up again and the auctioneer’s decision shall be final.
  11. The auctioneer reserves the right to accept or refuse any bid on birds without having to state the reason or reasons thereof.
  12. After the fall of the hammer no party will be allowed to retract his/her bid.

Further Notes Including Payment on BCSA Auction 2023

  1. Payment for the goods on the day shall be CASH & CARD only unless prior arrangements have been made.
  2. Successful purchasers of lots will be required to take their purchases with them at the completion of the auction.
  3. If any successful bidder shall fail to pay for their purchases on the day, the vendor or his agents have the right to resell the lot in any manner they think proper.
  4. Receipt of purchases must be obtained from the cashier upon payment of the lot. Then proceed to the allocated collection point with own carry cage and evidence of purchase. The purchaser will be required to move the bird/s from the sale cage and transfer it/them to their own cage. The vendor, his agent, the auctioneer or any staff will not be handling the birds. It is the sole responsibility of each purchaser to handle his/her own birds at collection.
  5. Given that a $5.00 minimum commission will be retained by Council bidding will start at $20.00 on all lots. This includes birds passed in, which will not be re-auctioned. Private sale may be negotiated outside the venue and will not involve the BCSA.

BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023 BCSA Auction 2023