BSSA Auction 15

BSSA Auction 15

This BSSA Auction 15 is our fifteenth auction for 2023. In addition, this auction features birds from Graham McCallum, Sue Adams, and Danny Brill. Furthermore, varieties on offer include Cinnamon wing, Whitecap, Opalines, Dominant Pied, and more.

BSSA Auction 15 Budgerigars

For BSSA Auction 15, we rely on the sellers for all bird descriptions, assuming them to be accurate and truthful. However, BSSA Inc. is not liable for any discrepancies in these descriptions. Any issues regarding accuracy should be directly addressed with the seller. Moreover, it’s important to note that all bids are confidential, with only the bidder number displayed. Be mindful of the bird’s location as the buyer is responsible for any freight costs. We advise registering your phone number to streamline contact if you win a bid. Overall, the BSSA operates as a non-profit organization, with all proceeds supporting the club and the hobby.

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Thanks for participating in this BSSA Auction 15 – Happy Bidding!

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Additionally, staying connected with the council gives you access to a rich pool of knowledge and support, which is vital for the health of the birds and the enrichment of the hobby. Their commitment to educating and promoting the hobby establishes them as an indispensable resource for anyone passionate about budgerigars. Make sure to participate in BSSA Auction 15 – it’s a chance to engage with this dynamic community.