BSSA Auction 02-23

Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) Auction #2 for 2023, ending 5th February 2023

This BSSA Auction 2 is our second auction for 2023, and the third and final auction of the complete dispersal of the stud of Bob Deverson. Consequently, there are four birds we have held back as they are not in a condition for photos. Therefore, these birds will be added to a future BSSA auction. Furthermore, these birds are a 22 Spangle Cock, a 22 Grey Green Opaline Cock, a 22 Grey Green Opaline Hen and a 22 Albino Hen.

BSSA Auction 2

Sadly, Bob is retiring from our hobby due to ongoing health issues. Admittedly, if anyone has any questions on the birds, Bob can be contacted on 0481171123. In addition, these are 2022 rung birds with most of them appearing to be under 6 months of age.

For BSSA Auction 2, all descriptions of birds are taken in good faith from the seller. Consequently, the BSSA Inc is not responsible for any inaccuracies, and these must be addressed with the seller. Furthermore, please note bids will remain anonymous and only your bidder number will show. Naturally, please be aware of the location of bird, as the freight cost is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please register phone number as this will ease the contact process if you are a successful bidder. The BSSA is a not-for-profit organisation and all proceed go towards the promotion of the club and the hobby. Thanks for participating in BSSA Auction 2 – Happy Bidding!

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