BSSA Auction 24

BSSA Auction No. 24 for Budgerigars

Sixteen birds from sellers like Graham McCallum, Kerry & Marie Murphy, and Ian & Gina Wise are up for grabs at BSSA Auction 24. Spangle Double Factor, White cap, Dilute Skys, Normal Blues, Opalines, and Opaline AOSV are only few of the available types. Thus, the dedicated fancier can find a wide variety of options here.

Now let’s talk about the birds up for grabs, which are being sold by both BSSA Members and Guests. The sellers have made their best efforts to accurately describe the birds. BSSA Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the descriptions; this must be stressed. Any problems that arise must be taken up with the seller.

To prevent any unfair advantage, your bids will be concealed and only your bidder number will be seen. Please also consider the bird’s location, as the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that successful bidders establish a phone number to facilitate the communication procedure.

Concerning the BSSA & Auction 24

Let’s move on to discussing the BSSA itself. The Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) is an enthusiastic community group. Moreover, the money made from the sale of these birds goes towards publicising the club and developing the activity as a whole.

The Budgerigar Society of South Australia has been serving the area since it was founded on May 20th, 1948. Our club is dedicated to advancing the budgerigar community and providing first-rate support for our members, and we are pleased to have been a founding member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC).

A Link to the Auction Can Be Found Here

BSSA Auction 24